High End Lipstick for $8 (This is Not a Drill)


High end makeup at drugstore prices always piques my interest. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Sephora is carrying a new line of long-lasting lipsticks featuring a new formula in 40 shades in three different finishes: cream, matte and metal. They are only $8, have opaque and creamy coverage, remind of Nars Audacious lipstick for a fraction of a price, and have the most adorable packaging on the planet. I’m here for it!

The idea behind these lipsticks are that wearing lipstick isn’t just for people who post selfies on Instagram- it should be worn all the time! Makeup is fun, and no matter what your go-to shade is, lipstick can make you feel a million bucks. I often grab a new shade (usually a nude rosy mauve, because I’m so predictable!) when I am doing something special. Whether I’m in a wedding, going on a date, or just want to treat myself on a Saturday afternoon, I have always loved picking up a new tube of lipstick to commemorate the occasion. To me, lipstick is the quickest way to change up your look and put a pep in your step. 

I love that I can step into a Sephora and treat myself to a #Lipstories lipstick and know I am getting a GREAT bargain and a great formula. I’m so excited to have a new formula to love. I won’t lie, it’s fun to treat myself to Dior or Nars but considering how quickly lipsticks get lost in the bottom of my purse, it doesn’t seem worth it to splurge that much every time.

For $8, you aren’t getting tons of product, but I’m ok with it. I show you in the picture above how much you get when you twist an entire tube up. To me, it’s plenty. I own several lipsticks and I would much rather pay less money for a little less product. I also think the little #cream is so cute printed there on the edge. For $8 I think it’s great that they’re embossing these and paying attention to details. 

The biggest gripe I can see people having about these? The packaging is a cardboard tube. I personally love them and have owned lipsticks from Paul & Joe before in this same packaging. It doesn’t take away from the product to me, but not everyone is going to like it. 

There are 40 finishes available right now, and I currently have two. The swatches above are 01 Brunch Date (Matte Finish) and 37 Hot in Havana (cream finish)

The other mini-stories and shade include:

  • Holidaze: Yum Yum #10 (metal), Fire Side #11 (metal), Woof #44 (matte), Just Add Tinsel #48
  • Lady Business: Labyrinth City #9 (cream), Hong Kong By Night #27 (metal), City Beat #45
    (matte), Cash Money #47 (cream)
  • Global Citizen: Somewhere in Spain #4 (matte), Twolips #14 (metal), First Class #25 (matte), Ice
    Breaker #46 (metal)
  • Hashtag Throwback: A Little Magic #22 (matte), Malt Shake #29 (metal), Take A Bite #35
    (matte), Take A Spin #41 (metal)
  • Wifed Up: Oui! #3 (matte), Love Love #7 (metal), Off Limits #38 (matte), Light Festival #51 (metal)
  • Spring Break State of Mind: Tan Lines #6 (matte), Pineapple Express #21 (matte), Deep Water Bay #24 (metal), Spring Break #36 (cream)
  • Brunch Days: Brunch Date #1 (metal), All Washed Up #26 (metal), Berry-licious #32 (cream), In The Clouds #43 (matte)
  • Top Down Life: Matinee #30 (cream), Golden Gate #31 (matte), Wanderlust #33 (matte), Ouch#49 (metal)
  • Festival Vibes: After Hours #23 (matte), Desert Trip #39 (cream), No Cell Service #42 (metal), Trippin #50 (matte)
  • Pool O’Clock: Celebrate #12 (matte), Coconut Grove #13 (metal), Popsicle Lips #28 (matte), Hot In Havana #37 (matte)

Here I’m wearing Brunch Date. I was really impressed that it lasted for several hours, through a cup of coffee, and left a nice stain behind. The formula is super creamy and opaque in a swipe or two. It reminded me a LOT of Nars Audacious, a lipstick that I always mean to buy when I’m at Sephora but they are $$$ so I don’t own any at the moment. I try them every time I go to the store, and the feel of Audacious on my lips reminds me a lot of Brunch Date. I love that the matte formula of #Lipstories seems to be a reasonable dupe for such a high end lipstick!

I would describe Brunch Date as a warmish nude, and it really flattered me even though I tend to lean towards a rosier based nude. If you’re into nude lipsticks and fair skin like I do, I think you should check it out. I’m all about these! 

Check out #Lipstories at Sephora. For $8 you can’t go wrong!

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