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I’ve been turned on to so many healthy beauty and lifestyle favorites in the past few months. These are things I’ve been using and loving that have helped my life in a variety of aspects. Green beauty favorites that have helped me get ready in a flash, snacks, healthy perfumes, etc. So many good things here! 


Healthy beauty

I have so many beauty favorites lately and for the first time in a long time, they are many of the same things that I’m reaching for time and time again. Most of these products were the ones I featured in my green beauty haul from Macy’s. So much love for these products! I do have two other products I wanted to share with you that weren’t in that post. 

I love clean beauty products and one brand that hits it out of the park time and time again is Bite Beauty. There are more brands coming out all the time that are doing it right but I love that this brand always has a new and exciting launch to look forward to and all the shades are super unique. One of my favorite lipstick formulas ever is the Amuse Bouche line. I particularly love the new Spice Things Up collection and I’m also living for the French Press lip glosses. I love anything inspired by coffee! I’ll review them soon. In the meantime just know that they’re a favorite for me and I love that I can rely on this brand to come out with awesome lipsticks that I feel safe kissing my babies wearing. 

Right there in the clean beauty realm, another favorite of mine is Phlur’s the Wanderer. It’s a 5 mL refillable travel case that you can fill with your favorite Phlur perfume. But why would I buy one of these if it’s empty? I actually love that I can keep refilling it and it hooks right onto the bottle to be refilled any time you need to do it. Phlur carries some of my favorite scents and I like that there is an option aside from bringing a big bottle with me when I travel. The Wanderer fits in my purse on the go, and it’s also TSA- approved. Want $10 off Phlur? Click HERE!

Healthy snacks

I’ve been turning over a new leaf with my health lately and I am more determined than ever to lose that last 10 pounds of baby weight that is just clinging on for dear life. My youngest baby is almost two, so yes, it is beyond time! I have been ordering Isagenix for over a year and recently branched out from my dairy free/soy free shakes to try something new. And let me just say I’m freaking obsessed with some of the things I discovered.

Whey Thins– I always get the munchies between 2-5 pm, and then too much grazing makes me not hungry for dinner. Then I over eat when everyone else goes to bed for the night. It’s a bad habit and I thought I would never break it. I just need something to munch on in the afternoons, ya know? It turns out Whey Thins are the absolute perfect snack for me. They come in 100-calorie individual packs so I can satisfy my craving without overloading on calories. Believe it or not, I’m actually completely full after having a bag of these. There are 10 grams of protein in one bag. I’ve been eating a bag of these every single day when hunger strikes between meals, and they’ve been a godsend. I won’t be without these!

Isa Flush– I take two of these before I go to bed every night (I’m still trying to create the habit so sometimes I miss) and it is really making a difference with my digestion. I was having some issues where I’d feel bloated and crampy a lot of the time, and I can tell this is gently moving things along in my system. It’s not a laxative. It’s a combination of cleansing herbs and minerals that are working to encourage regularity. I feel so much better it’s not even funny and my bloated mom belly is already significantly less swollen within two weeks of taking these. I’m definitely not one to bother with something that’s a pain to remember, so believe me when I say these are worth setting a reminder for.

Cleanse for Life– I’ve been having a hot cup of this most nights before bed to help detoxify and soothe my digestive system while it replenishes all the things my body needs. You can take a small amount of this daily, or or do a deeper one or two day cleanse. It’s making an amazing difference in how I feel. I’ve done cleanses before where I take charcoal pills and I end up feeling so sluggish because I’m sure it’s absorbing everything good AND bad in my system. I love that this has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants so I can nourish my body and not be depleted after taking an Isaflush. 

Healthy mind

Phoenix Tears CBD oil– I’ve heard the buzz around CBD oil in recent months but I had yet to pull the trigger for myself. With promises of relief from a variety of ailments including pain, inflammation, anxiety, mental health disorders, insomnia, and more, I really don’t know what I was waiting for. CBD oil becoming a mainstream wellness option and the cannabidiol market is projected to increase by 700% by 2020. 

I tried this for a first time the other day by putting a drop of it under my tongue. I wasn’t expecting much and I was truthfully a little nervous so I had a friend do it with me! Nothing happened, so I waited. Within about 30 minutes, I felt like I had drank a midday glass of wine. I could feel a very slight buzz wash over me in the same way it would if I had just had a cocktail, but minus the calories. I was glad it didn’t disturb my focus and I was able to carry on with my daily activities without feeling like I was under the influence of anything. I felt an overall sense of relaxation, without feeling lazy or consuming any calories! I can’t wait to use this more often! For a mom who needs to be alert for her kids this seems to be the perfect solution for stress relief and wellness. 

Oh- and before the end of 2018, Phoenix Wellness’ CBD Oils will be carried in over 4,500 7-Eleven stores. I’m so excited that it will be easier than ever to grab a new bottle! 

These are just a few of my favorite green beauty and wellness products lately. Can’t keep me away from these! Have you tried anything on my list? Let me know what you’ve been using!


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