Healthy Habits I’ve Adopted in my 30s

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When I was a teen and even in my 20s, the way I took care of myself was so different than now! I used to be lax about my health: eating unhealthy foods and going out for drinks a lot was normal for me. I didn’t see a doctor that often, I let stress rule my life, and I wasn’t that responsible. Now that I’m in my early 30s and have three kids, my health is so different! I’ve adopted several healthier habits that come from a combination of growing up and learning things the hard way, and preventative selfcare.

Making time for myself: I read recently that as women we often make time for other people and are known for keeping our word when it comes to something we are going to do for someone else. But when it comes to ourselves? We bail. If I promised a friend I’d meet them at the gym 10 times over and I bailed, they’d tell me to kick rocks. How is it different if I promise myself that I’ll exercise, eat healthy, meditate, etc. and I never follow through? We have to learn to follow through on the things we’ve set out to do. Making time for myself isn’t easy, but now that I have three kids it’s crucial I take time to do things just for me or I’ll go crazy!

Eating and exercising for energy: Eating in moderation is good but I really notice how much I drag if I consume too much sugar, too much fat, too much anything really. These days I try to focus on eating food that’s going to make me feel good. Drinking lots of water, eating protein, fruits, and vegetables is always going to make me feel best. Exercising with the goal in mind that I want to be healthy and strong and not just slim keeps me focused on feeling the best I can.

Being responsible: In my 30s, I have so many responsibilities. I have to care for three kids, care for myself, have a thriving marriage, etc. On the sidelines, it’s easy to forget about saving enough for retirement and the future, and even budgeting day to day. It’s so important to set yourself up now for a future that will suit you later.

Taking care of my reproductive health: Anyone with kids knows that everything changes down there. After having kids, I started using a menstrual cup instead of a tampon, because of comfort and fit. It was a total game changer for me. I also stock my medicine cabinet with lots of things for “that time of the month.”

One thing many women in their 30s have had to use? Plan B One-Step emergency contraception. In the event of birth control failure with your regular methods, it’s empowering to know you can delay ovulation and help prevent pregnancy BEFORE it begins. Always use as directed within 72hrs of unprotected sex.  It won’t impact your long-term fertility, you don’t need a prescription to purchase, and it has the same active ingredient (levonorgestrel) as many birth control pills, just at a single, higher dose.

Not to be confused with an abortion pill, this is an emergency contraception pill that can be easily purchased on the shelf at your local Walgreens. If it’s something you want to add to your medicine cabinet in case you have a birth control slipup, use this coupon for $10 off!

I know I’m not the only person in the 30+ crowd who has advice to give, so chime in in the comments if I missed anything important! What healthy habits have you adopted in your 30s?

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