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Phlur Hanami Review & Promo Code

After having kids, my sense of smell completely changed. I found myself unable to tolerate traditional fragrances. Non-toxic options have come a LONG way, and I absolutely love some of the more natural scents I have stumbled upon over the last couple years. As semi-crunchy person, I use essential oils but I also vaccinate my kids; organic food is bomb but I also love Ben & Jerry’s; green beauty is my jam but I still use a lot of mainstream makeup products. A positive change in my lifestyle that hasn’t been hard to make? Swapping out traditional perfume for an even better smelling non-toxic kind! Hanami by Phlur is my new clean beauty signature scent! Read on for my Phlur Hanami review & $5 off promo code.

$5 off Phlur promo code (Receive $5 off a sample set of 3 deluxe samples) Spend $13 on a month’s worth of non-toxic perfume and receive $18 off of the full sized purchase of your favorite fragrance! 

I was introduced to Phlur through their sampling system. Based upon descriptions alone, it’s easy to find something that resonates with you. Each scent says what the notes are, gives a description of the lifestyle and preferences of the person wearing it, and there’s a playlist. 

I wrote a post about the two scents I tried when I was first introduced to the brand. 

Phlur Hanami Review

Phlur Hanami Review & $5 off promo codePhoto by Meghan Goering Photography | Iowa Area Photographer

Scents with depth that are ingredient transparent

Of the fragrances I’ve tried (and I’ve tried five now) I’ve resonated the most with Hanami. Phlur describes it as “an aquatic floral tableau, with a reverent subtlety and a warm embrace.”

I prefer warm and sensual scents that aren’t overpowering, and let’s be real…in the natural/organic/clean/less toxic fragrance world the options are somewhat limited in this type of scent. Hanami’s notes are fig, white florals, hazelnut, and sandalwood. The scent has a lot of depth but is still light and airy and never overpowering.

Phlur uses lab-created synthetics that are safe for the skin rather than using an ingredient that has been overharvested and a vulnerable species. For musk, they use synthetic ingredients that replicate natural musk scent, for sustainability reasons, and because they are cruelty-free. There are no synthetic musks that could be potential endocrine disruptors. They don’t use parabens, phthalates or other potential skin irritants. They are super transparent about their ingredients and they list them all with a breakdown on on their website. There is no need for stabilizers or other hazardous chemicals because the bottle the scent comes in is opaque to protect it from light damage. 

Hanami Phlur promo code and review

Excuse me if it seems like I’m gushing…I just feel like I found the golden ticket when I stumbled upon this brand and had to share! 

Other things you might want to know? Phlur doesn’t use animal products or threatened plants on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List. They are Leaping Bunny certified for being cruelty-free. Their brand supports Made Safe and its mission to change the way products are made for healthier. Phlur also donates money from each bottle to environmental organizations. 

Get a sweet discount

Phlur is a brand with a cool mission. Their fragrances are phenomenal and unique. If you’re intrigued, I totally suggest getting a sampler. For only $13 ($5 off with the coupon) you get to try three scents of your choice

Don’t forget, you’ll get $18 off a full sized bottle of Phlur! 

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Non-Toxic Beauty Favorites

Since trying Hanami, I’ve also fallen in love with their other fragrances. Améline, Siano, and Sandara are a few other favorites. 

What kind of scents do you wear? Do you use essential oils, traditional fragrance, or are you like me and like to try out less toxic options? 

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  1. 3.21.18
    Luara said:

    Thank you for your review on Phlur, I got the sampler too, and I’m ready to order my bottle, I wanted to use you friend $10 coupon, but for some reason it’s not working. I was wondering if you could send it directly to my email. Aluada@aol.com. would you know if I can combine the friend credit with the sample credit?

    Thank you

    • 3.23.18
      justina said:

      Hi Laura! I’ll email you my code. You won’t be able to combine them unfortunately!

  2. 4.13.19
    Elaine said:

    This sounds very interesting. where can i see the code? the link didn’t work.

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