Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine Perfume

Halle Berry’s Exotic Jasmine fragrance is a new one in my collection this fall. The gorgeous glass bottle is ornate, and has gorgeous flowers etched in a raised pattern into the glass. This fragrance will look gorgeous on your vanity!

This fragrance debuted in August 2013, and could be a scent for fall or summer. It is really a true jasmine scent and I find it to be really strong. One spray on my wrist lasted a full 8 hours on me. Most perfumes wear off of me in 2-3 hours, but this one lingered several hours past what is normal for me.

Top notes: fresh violet leaf, bright neroli, airy cyclamen
Middle notes: jasmine sambac, lush plumeria blossom, fluid hedione
Base notes: white cedar, soft vitiver, skin musk

To be honest, this scent reminds me of Bath & Body Works’ scent, Moonlight Path, in every single way. I think that scent came out when I was in middle school and I loved it back then. It’s too strong a scent for me to wear for every day because I prefer something a little lighter, but on occasion, it’s something I really enjoy.

This scent is “made to be feminine for today’s modern, sexy woman.” I’d have to agree. I think it’s a little too fragrant for a job interview, but it would make a great date night perfume. It’s a cozy scent, so I picture wearing it while watching Netflix and drinking some delicious hot cocoa under a big wool blanket. I can’t get enough of those flowers though. Isn’t this a gorgeous bottle?
What’s your favorite jasmine scent? I’d love to read about it in the comments!
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