Hairbrushes for Wet Hair, Dry Hair, and Styling

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Recently, I’ve become slightly obsessive about my choice of hairbrush. It used to be that I had one hairbrush that would last me for five years, then chuck it and buy a new one at the grocery store. After having a baby and shedding handfuls of hair on a daily basis, I realized it was time for a new brush. Somehow, I’ve now ended up with four brushes in my daily rotation. Leave it to a beauty blogger…

My Cricket Rake Comb is perfect for getting through wet hair. It’s also great for parting my hair if I’m doing something like pigtail braids (a rarity) or if I want to do a funky part. What I mostly use it for is if I have a total rat’s nest going and need to work through it before my hair is dried.

Also amazing for wet hair, is The Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush. Technically, you’re not really supposed to brush wet hair at all, because when hair is wet is when the most breakage happens. I really do like the way this gets through my hair without pulling though! The bristles are rather short and really flexible and the brush doesn’t pull at my strands. It simply glides through and smoothes my hair out.

The Cricket Static Free Comfort Collection Fast Flo Brush is my favorite brush to use on dry hair. Prior to using this, I thought I was having a flaky scalp problem, but through lots of switcheroos in my product routine, I discovered that my hair brush bristles were needly and they were scraping at my scalp, taking chunks of scalp with it! I will never buy a cheap brush at Walgreens again! The Cricket brush is really easy to use, and the knobs at the top of each bristle are huge, so there’s no chance you will cut into your scalp. This is the perfect brush for someone with longish hair like I have and it works beautifully for simple styling.

When I have the patience to blowdry my hair straight, the Cricket Centrix Alumilite Round Thermal Brush is my go to hair brush. I rarely take the time to style my hair this way, but wrapping my hair around a huge round brush makes it go super straight and gives my hair a super sleek look. This is a very high quality brush and I’d recommend it for any of your round brushing needs! Just don’t use it on your bangs, unless you’re going to an 80s party.

What do YOU use for a hairbrush? I have gone from using one brush to these four on a regular basis. Who would’ve thought?

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