Function of Beauty Review

I bought this subscription for myself. I’m using affiliate links, but opinions are my own!

I’ve been really happy with my Biotera from Sally’s Beauty that I’ve been using for a couple years (in price AND quality) but I’ve been craving a change. I DO blog about what’s new and exciting in beauty after all, so this last time I ran out of shampoo and conditioner, I decided to replenish with something new. It’s been on my radar to try one of the many subscriptions out there for a personalized set of shampoo and conditioner. I investigated MANY brands: Function of Beauty, Prose, Formulate, etc. I ended up settling on Function of Beauty, because I love low maintenance and buying a huge hair system like some of these brands offer didn’t really appeal to me.

What options did I pick for Function of Beauty?

The experience of picking out a shampoo and conditioner is done by quiz. I determined my hair type, structure, and level of scalp moisture. I have wavy, coarse hair and a normal scalp. I got to choose five hair goals, of which I selected color protection, deep conditioning, split ends, anti-frizz, and shine. I opted for the 100% natural scent, eucalyptus, but you can get a ton of different types of scents like tropical, pear, floral, and milkshake. You can have them come in a myriad of different colors, or dye-free. But my favorite part? I got to choose the size of my shampoo and conditioner. Does anyone else run of of conditioner first? I do! I made sure to grab an 8 oz. shampoo and 16 oz. conditioner. I decided I wanted them to be automatically shipped to me every 3 months because that would ,but could’ve selected more or less frequent deliveries as well. And I also opted to buy the newly released leave-in conditioner.

How much Function of Beauty cost?

The shampoo (8 oz.) and conditioner (16 oz.) duo cost $43. The leave-in treatment cost $19.

Are the Function of Beauty products good?

Overall, I thought this was a really decent product. The shampoo seems to need quite a few pumps to do its thing, which I always expect since my hair is long and thick. Looking back, I probably should have gotten more than 8 oz. of shampoo to last me three months. I only wash my hair twice a week, but I’m still not going to have enough. The conditioner is pretty nourishing but again, I needed several pumps. The eucalyptus was very invigorating and I could feel the tingling sensation working its magic on my scalp.

The leave-in treatment is the same for everyone (not customized) as far as I can tell. The scent is milk(shea)ke (milkshake) and it’s supposed to replenish hair, strengthen, color protect, and add shine. Honestly? I wouldn’t repurchase this for myself. It smells nice and works great on my kids, but I like to use few products. A hair oil for me doubles as a detangler, softener, and heat protectant and gives a lot more moisture this this does, and I NEED more moisture. If the leave-in treatment was more nourishing, I might like it more, but it’s a pass for me.

Final thoughts on Function of Beauty?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve owned my bottles of this and I’m still deciding if I’ll repurchase. I picked up some new hair products at the Sephora VIB sale that are targeted towards moisture and I can’t wait to see if my hair transforms with the combination of those products and Function of Beauty. I’ll keep you posted on whether I decide to stick out my subscription or not!

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