Friday Chit Chat, Vol. 6

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Traveling: what are your tips? I feel like I put so much time and energy into packing only to realize I failed hard in certain areas once I’ve arrived at my destination. Our flight here was delayed and moved to 4 different gates, I unexpectedly had to check my carry on luggage, and in the process didn’t get to switch from contacts to glasses (which really should’ve been in my purse). I also brought mostly sundresses and didn’t think it through that unless you have a thigh gap that thigh rub is a b*tch so ended up switching my outfit last night to jeans. These jeans by @madewell fit like a glove and I’m so glad I bought them right before my trip. When I switch back to a dress after some pool time this afternoon, I think I’ll be wearing bandaids to stop the rub ? really tho…what do you do to make traveling easier? Inquiring minds want to know… #travel #vegas #sls #igdaily #igers #madewell #everydaymadewell #vacay #vacaymode #vacayready #vacaystyle #vacayvibes #igtravel #igfashion


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Better late than never my friends! I shared on my IG stories that the holiday falling within the week threw me off on dates, so I missed my Friday Chit Chat, so instead today it’s a Saturday/Friday chat. But here I am. ?If you’re not familiar with my Friday Chit Chat series, every week I answer a few questions and invite you to copy/paste them in the comments section and answer them back to me. Thanks for playing, and I’ll meet you in the comments section!


Do you coupon shop?

I wish I was better with coupons, but I rarely use them to shop! When I am at the grocery store, I never use a coupon. When I am shopping online for clothes or something else, I usually use RetailMeNot to track down in store savings. When I’m at home, I use the Honey App! Check that app out sometime if you’re into shopping…I saved $40 on a flight once from using it!    

Do you shop online?

Not as often as I used to. I used to LOVE shopping on Amazon Prime, but I have been trying to cut back on owning so much stuff so I’ve not ordered anything on there in a long time. We use Amazon Music and Audible and that is about it for our Prime account. As for clothes, I like to shop in person and online. I’m 5’11” with a 34″ inseam so I really prefer to try everything on in store, and then have to resort to buying it online in the tall size. Tall is almost never offered in store.    

Do you shop at secondhand/thrift stores?

I do, and I love it! I’m still trying to figure out the ins and outs of shopping at a thrift store: the best days and times to go for a new truck load, for sales, etc. I don’t usually look for clothing for myself there, because I am TALL and it’s a pain to search the racks for something that will fit. Besides, as a tall chick I can tell you once you own something that you love that comes in tall, you probably aren’t ever going to donate it. What I usually shop for is a specific piece of furniture or item that I’m looking for a good deal on. On my shopping list right now is a TV stand but something less like a TV stand and more like a long and narrow dresser and I’d mount the TV above it. Also, a round homework table for our dining room. And a few big area rugs! Leave me some thrift store shopping tips in the comments if you have any!    

Do you shop on big sales days like Black Friday/Labor Day/Memorial Day?

These are big promotion opportunity days for most bloggers. But you know what? I usually don’t work on these days because I am spending time with my family. To each their own, and if I had huge affiliate sale boosts on those days compared to others, I’d be saying “seeya!” to everyone and sequestering myself to social media and telling everyone to swipe up. But…I don’t. I don’t love that shopping on these big sales days meals I’m supporting these shops being open on days that should represent togetherness and family. Most people (who celebrate Thanksgiving) would prefer to spend that day not working their retail job, and being with their family. But if I am shopping on that day, I’m perpetuating the need for those stores to be open because they’re making the extra sales at the ungodly hours they choose to open. Labor Day and Memorial Day were HUGE days for sales when I used to work retail. I sold shoes at Macy’s a couple different summers in college. I was on commission and those days were huge days for sales. But, now that I’m in my 30s and married to a veteran, I don’t support shopping for a deal on Memorial Day. That day is meant for honoring military personnel who have served and died. And I don’t feel right deal shopping on that day.    

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

Besides a house, probably a furnace. In our last house, our furnace went out on the coldest day of the year. I can’t remember how many kids we had at the time, but it was at least two, if not three. Nobody was old enough to be in school yet, so the girls and I left town for a few days while the new furnace was being put in place, while my hubby stayed behind. Why do those dang things cost so much money? I get that they heat a house, but good grief.    

Have you ever worked in retail?

Almost every job I’ve ever had has been in retail! My first couple jobs in high school were in grocery and food service, and then everything from college on has been retail. I worked in a tiny french boutique, I worked in a WI t-shirt and cheese store, at Macy’s selling shoes, at the Esteé Lauder counter in Herbergers (that chain store has closed now- they were affiliated with Boston Store), and as a “traveling artist” with Clinique at Nordstrom and Macy’s. I didn’t mind working in retail overall since I like talking to people, but the one thing I didn’t like was the push to get everyone to sign up for a credit card when shopping at a department store. We frequently would have deals where you could get 20% off your purchase, even off of the sale price, if you would sign up for a card. One time when I was working at Herbergers, after the store was closed, our manager got on the loudspeaker and scolded me for not opening up enough credit card accounts that day. I know it improves sales because people swipe more, but dang. I quit right after that.    

What is your favorite store?

My shopping habits are changing. A year ago, I would’ve answered Maurices for their cheap wardrobe staples, or Amazon for their two-day shipping. But I’m starting to gain an interest in sustainable, eco-friendly stuff, and I want a wardrobe that’s less trendy and higher quality. I just bought my first couple dresses from Evereve the other day, my first jeans from Madewell, and made my first purchase from Sseko! I’m always looking for more suggestions on where to shop so leave me your favorites in the comments!
  • Do you coupon shop?
  • Do you shop online?
  • Do you shop at secondhand/thrift stores?
  • Do you shop on big sales days like Black Friday/Labor Day/Memorial Day?
  • What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
  • Have you ever worked in retail?
  • What is your favorite store?

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