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Last week on Friday I was saying goodbye to a friend who visited for a week, and tomorrow I’ll be saying hello to family who will be here for a week. Needless to say, having guests around makes it hard to stay on track with fitness and healthy eating goals. This past week has been all about maintenance and staying on track! 

When my friend left, I realized I had put on a few pounds during her stay. I’m sure it was a result of our two trips to Red Robin, among other unhealthy places. Stepping on the scale was eye opening, but the most eye opening thing of all was the headaches I had for the next few days. I can tell straying away from my clean eating habits had really taken a toll on my body. Headache, exhaustion, stomachache, and more. I was feeling horrible! Luckily, going back to eating clean has made me feel wonderful over the past week. I’m back on track and almost back to my original weight loss.

One thing that has really helped me is remembering how far I’ve come. I had a baby 8 months ago, and I’ve been struggling with taking off the last few pounds of baby weight.

me at 37 weeks pregnant

my face 3 months ago and now….shrinking!

I don’t have a full body shot of myself right now and the baby is fussing so I’m not going to be able to take one today to compare. But seeing myself at my absolute hugest while pregnant does make me feel better about the way I look now! Looking at the picture above though, I can definitely tell my face is shrinking. I know the picture at the right is all instagrammed and fabulous, but I can still see a little shrinkage going on there.

It’s a process, and a SLOW one. I’m not thrilled with how slow it’s going but I know it’s up to me to keep clean eating and going to the gym. 

One thing I’m not thrilled with that I really can’t do much about is my stretch marks. I’ve got welts on my stomach from my skin ripping apart to accomodate for the baby. I used a ton of stretch mark oils and creams while pregnant, and they didn’t make a bit of difference. I didn’t get a single stretch until I was 7.5 months pregnant, and then I got a little bit of a stretch mark under my belly, and it spiderwebbed over the whole thing. I know the end result is worth it, but it’s still hard to look at my belly and realize it’ll never be “cute” again. I’ll keep moisturizing so it doesn’t look quite so wrinkly and dried up, but I’m a bit sad about it nonetheless.

This week I vow to go hiking and do lots of fun things outdoors, all while eating clean (and going out a few times)….I have family in town but I can still make good choices!

What did YOU do for your fitness this week?

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  1. 6.8.13

    I did absolutely nothing *takes a swig of So. Co. x coke*. It’s been one stressful week: bf left for cali due to a family emergency, I left my internship x it’s been super lonely around the house. No motivation here. Hence why I decided to post my Instagram inspiration fitspo…it worked my brain non-the-less..

    Keep pushing girrrl.

    xx Jess
    Jess Classy – #WerkItWed

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