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This week was a really rough week for my fitness! I’m really glad for Fitness Fridays on weeks like this one, where I feel like there’s no way I’d ever stay on track unless I had an audience. A friend of mine whom I’ve known practically my whole life was in town this week. There was NO working out (besides shopping) and not a whole lot of eating healthy or meals at home. This week was all about indulgence- food, friends, shopping, and good times. 
First of all, I want to say, I don’t even apologize for messing up this week! It’s my birthday tomorrow (Saturday) and it’s so rare that I ever get to hang out with my friends anymore, that I’m not allowing myself to feel bad. I’m always making a better decision than I need to (salad instead of fries, veggie or turkey burger instead of fatty quarter pounder) so I really let loose this week. I don’t even care. I’ll pick up the pieces next week.
Second of all, I can really tell I had made some positive changes in my diet, because eating out constantly this last week has made me feel like garbage. We have been eating clean with eMeals for about a month, and I dropped it cold turkey (except for about three meals) this week. Man, I could tell it was really making a difference based on how yucky I feel today not following our plan! More proof that I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and continue on my healthy eating quest. 
I mentioned last week that I was feeling a little frazzled. Scratch that… a LOT frazzled. I tried to take some time this week to really treat myself to things that made me feel great.

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I’m obsessed with shimmering body oils lately. I can’t get enough. This one is so gorgeous and although the description claims that it smells like peony, I think it smells faintly like rosewater. I love the way this looks on the skin. It’s very subtle so you can hardly see it. There are no glitter chunks in this, just very small flecks. Wearing this reminds me of wearing my sexiest bra underneath my shirt at work. Nobody besides me knows it’s there, and it makes me feel really beautiful! In this case, you may actually be able to tell subtly from afar because instead of your skin looking dried out, it will have a gorgeous glow.

L’Occitane Shimmering Oil- no filter

I made two crazy delicious meals from eMeals this week! That was about all I did for healthy meals. 

Balsamic roast beef (eMeals) and mashed potatoes and green peas (not eMeals or “clean” but had to clean out my pantry!)

Easy breaded chicken tenders (eMeals) with ranch and ketchup and a sweet potato! Very kid friendly and delicious.
Also this week, I visited a local garden and greenhouse. I really need to get out and do relaxing things like this more. It was so nice to get outside and walk around in the beautiful (yet gloomy) day and then go and see lots of beautiful plants in the greenhouse. Too bad I am a plant killer and have a dog who loves to eat plants and a baby who would probably try to munch on them too. For the time being, we don’t have plants, but the house I grew up in always had plants. My mom loves plants and she does a great job keeping them alive. I’d love to take some notes from her and have plants in my home one day!
I’ve been painting my nails a lot more than usual. This color is called First Timer and it’s from essie’s  Resort Collection. I absolutely love this shade and it’s described as an adorable newbie green. Fresh, fun, and fabulous, this is a gorgeous and perfect shade for summer. I would describe it as a very slightly pastel version of a kelly green. So beachy, and the green makes me feel zen. Freshly painted nails are quickly becoming my new thing! I love that I don’t need a mirror to apply nail polish, like I do with makeup. I can watch tv, unwind, and paint away.
essie’s First Timer from the Resort Collection

My goals for this week:
  • Go to swimming lessons with my kiddo. She is 8 months old and loves to scoot her little booty into the pool from the edge. It’s kind of hilarious. I love setting the tone for healthy habits for her future!
  • Go grocery shopping today and buy some delicious food from eMeals. EAT CLEAN! It feels so good to have a clean lifestyle, and it tastes so good too!
  • I couldn’t when I had company, but this week I’m going to make it to the YMCA and work out. They have free childcare so I’ll get a kiddie break and I’ll be able to get in better shape.
  • Take some zen time/me time and hit up Barnes & Noble where it’s super quiet. Catch up on some of my gossip and girly magazines over a latte. Just thinking about that is so amazing.
  • Have a fantastic birthday (Saturday) and enjoy my wonderful family.
  • Clean out my beauty area in my house. Donate and toss. With my eating clean plan, I’ve also thought about LIVING clean. I use cleaning supplies often and keep things tidy, but have lots of beauty clutter. Down sizing will do me a lot of good.
Have a fantastic week and stay healthy! I hope you link up below!

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