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Happy Fitness Friday #4! I am slowly, but surely meeting some of my goals. This was admittedly a really slow week for me. I maintained my weight loss goal but didn’t lose any extra. Here are some of the things that I’ve been using to help me out!
Evolve sent me some Muscle Milk products to test out this week. I have to admit, these came in a four pack and they were gone in like .2 seconds! Not really…but they didn’t stick around for long. My husband and I both tried one immediately, and by the next morning, the remaining two were gone. These are just so delicious it’s not even funny. 
The flavor we tested out was Vanilla Créme. It tasted a little bit like a vanilla malt in liquid form. They come in little juice boxes with straws as well, so it’s kind of like a tiny treat. 12 g of protein and 110 calories per serving. It satisfied my sweet tooth with stevia, monk fruit, and cane sugar. Very tasty, TONS of protein and gave me a load of energy! For those who avoid gluten and lactose, Evolve is free of both. 
I drank the Evolve right before going on a nice walk through the forest near our home. I could definitely feel the extra protein and it really amped up my energy levels. I don’t think it’s meant to be an “energy drink” but it definitely gave me an added boost to accomplish some fitness goals!

The Promax Fit ‘N Crisp bars are also pretty delicious. They are peanut free, vegetarian, and contain no artificial sweeteners or flavors, high fructose corn syrup, maltitol, or gelatin. I thought they were all really filling (again, FULL of protein) but I could tell they had low sugar. Honestly, it didn’t really bother me, but it might bother some. I grew up in a household where we had fat free everything, so I can just taste the lack of “real” sugar. Anyways, they are guilt free, which is awesome and makes the low sugar thing more acceptable. All of these bars have so much protein that they make a great filler between meals. 
For me, every morning when I wake up I have a cup of coffee and a Clif bar, because it’s easy, predictable, and I know it gives me energy. These would be a great morning pick me up for the same reason. My favorite flavor was the Vanilla Marshmallow!
I didn’t take any pictures of my workout gear this week, but I’ll make sure and share next week! I bought a few tank tops from Nordstrom Rack for $14 down from $60. WOW! I couldn’t pass them up. I’ve never owned a workout shirt before- just big tshirts that I normally get for free for participating in events- you know the type! They’re always XL and illfitting. Anyhow, I thought it would be nice to try out some actual workout gear. It’s much easier to work out when you are wearing something a bit more snug to your body. 
How did I do on goals this week:
  • I did a decent job up until Wednesday with eMeals. After that, I kind of fell by the wayside. I got braces on Tuesday (another story for another day) and my mouth was in so much pain that I didn’t really want to cook. I also got sick with a bit of a head cold and got lazy. 
  • I went for two runs last weekend! I clocked almost a mile each time between running and walking. The weather was gorgeous! I haven’t worked out at the gym yet, but I plan to make that a priority this coming week.
  • My daughter started swimming lessons this week! Even if I haven’t done a fantastic job with MY fitness goals this week, I’m proud of myself for starting her on a fitness path early. Bonus- she loves the water.

Goals for next week:
  • Make eMeals every day.
  • Get my booty to the gym a couple times.
Get these cute pink shoes on my feet more this week!
Have a Fitness Friday post you want to share? Grab a button above and link up down here! I’d love to offer you some encouragement. Also, please feel free to use the hashtag #fit2bfab on instagram so we can encourage one another on our fitness journeys!

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