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Happy Fitness Friday #3! 
I promised I would use my blog to hold myself accountable for healthy lifestyle practices, and I’ve been doing a great job following through with that. This week, I worked on the two major ways to improve my health- diet and exercise. 
A big thing that has been holding me back from losing weight is my dislike of cooking. In short, I’m not a great cook. It’s not something that comes naturally to me, and I don’t like putting effort into it. As a result, I eat a lot of sandwiches and boxed, canned, and frozen meals. I know this isn’t ideal, but that’s what I grew up on and that’s what I know. I am learning that if you eat like crap, you’ll also feel like crap and not have enough energy in your day to be active.
I know a lot of people swear by lots of different methods to lose weight. Advocare is one I have heard of recently. I respect and understand that there are many ways to lose weight that have worked for others, but I know that for me, it has to be through diet and healthy eating. I need to form lifelong habits and not develop an addiction for supplements, vitamins, and unpure dietary aides. Knowing that I have a lot to learn, I joined eMeals!
my favorite meal of the week- shrimp scampi and brown rice salad

moroccan chicken cooked with green olives and dates, with homemade pita chips

whole wheat penne with cauliflower and a arugula salad with strawberries and homemade honey dressing

Want to see more awesome food pics and pics from my daily life? Join me on instagram @justinalayne

I learned about emails from one of my favorite blogs, Meg O. on the Go. I’ve always been in disbelief how people who work outside of the home and have children manage to get any dinner on the table at all, much less something tasty. It’s easy to feel inadequate, but I must say I’ve caught on to making these meals in a quick hurry. I’m not one to slave in the kitchen, but these meals take less than an hour from start to finish- some of that is prep time, so you’ll marinate something in a bag for an hour, but during that time, you’re off doing other things in your life. If you are saying…”I could never do this” you’re wrong. If you know me well, dinner consists of microwaving something or throwing my frozen bag of __ in the skillet, melting cheese over __ or picking up a pizza on my way home. Honestly, it’s like I don’t even know myself anymore.
How it works is it gives you a week of main courses and side dishes. It also gives you a grocery list for the week. The list recycles items so you use them more than once. For example, I bought some dill weed, chives, and prepared horseradish this week. Those are not items I would normally buy, so normally I would shy away from recipes that called for them because I know they would go bad in my fridge. eMeals has you buy something, and then later that week, you use the rest of it up. Awesome! Plus, you go grocery shopping for the entire week’s meals, and then you have all the ingredients you need for everything you make all week from their meal plan. I’m only four dinners in, but I can already tell you I’m majorly impressed. 

Want to sign up? Do so by clicking on the banner below:

eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!
Or if you’re a blogger…click HERE to join their blogger program.
Since food’s only half the battle, I thought I would up the ante with some workout gear this week as well. I picked up some workout tanks that I’ll probably feature next week, and a workout bra. I featured the Anita bra last week, but thought it deserved a more thorough review this week!
One thing that’s awesome about Anita’s brand is their website. They have a place where you can find the perfect sports bra for yourself, based on the sport you play. How awesome is that?! The bra I have offers firm support and a sporty style.

High-support piqué fabric and net panels at the back regulate the moisture level and ensure that the skin remains dry. The side support function enhances the shape of the breast. The ergonomically tailored relief straps provide firm support. The seamless inner cup of microfibre towelling provides chafe-free support.

I like to keep things on here PG-13 so I won’t show pics of me wearing this, but I thought it was super high quality, so I still wanted to show it off! I love how sturdy this is and how it supports without underwires. I’m still breastfeeding after having a baby, and I’ve found that underwire bras irritate my chest and cause clogged (painful) milk ducts. I haven’t worn underwire since being pregnant, so it’s been about 8 months. This is so comfortable to wear! 

The size I take is a 36 C, just for reference. I don’t post chest pics on here, so that probably doesn’t help you! HA! I find that it fits very true to size. 

One of the most wonderful things about this bra is that it has 3 toggle clasps, and 3 different fits. This is useful for so many reasons! Firstly, those of us who have a larger chest appreciate having three clasps for the sake of support. One clasp does the job for small chested individuals, but three is key if you have a larger chest. I always wore a B cup until having a baby, but I’m finding the more clasps the better for a larger chest. Second, it’s great to have three separate places you can clip your bra. If you have your period and are feeling bloated, you might want to go out to the loosest setting. If you’re losing some weight, you may want to tighten! 
Right now I’m on the loosest setting, but I hope to be able to tighten it as I go!

Here’s a close up shot of the mesh on the side of the bra. This has really allowed breathability as I wear it. I don’t feel like all the sweat is trapped into my skin. If you’ve ever had a bra that doesn’t breathe, you know exactly what I mean! 

Here is a shot (the gray part right underneath the black) of what goes underneath your breasts as you wear the bra. It’s a cotton strip that feels soft but also remains firmly in place. I hate bras that rub underneath your chest. It’s so painful! None of that happens with this bra.
All in all, I’ve been really impressed with the quality of this bra, and I’d absolutely recommend it. It’s really hard to find a bra that’s adjustable in the back and that would be the key selling point for this. Not everybody can put a bra over their head and just have it magically fit with no option for adjustment.

Update on my progress:

  • I’ve gone on a few walks in the last week, trying to burn more calories and get more than 20% of my steps for the day in. I’ve been logging more like 75% of my goal.
  • I’ve had some cravings for food that is not quite as healthy as I would like. A big juicy cheeseburger from Red Robin was on my mind on Monday. Instead of depriving myself completely, I went for the cheeseburger, but replaced the patty with a Gardenburger instead of a meaty burger, and instead of fries I went for a side salad. Sometimes, you don’t always have to make the BEST decision, just a BETTER decision. I satisfied my craving, and saved a few calories along the way. A big, juicy cheeseburger would’ve been ok, but cutting it in half and saving the other half for my next meal would’ve been a great compromise as well.
  • Not a personal brag, but a big shoutout to my friend InTruBeauty for making some awesome decisions with food this week and not giving in to all of her cravings AND always posting drool-worthy instagram pictures of her yummy food she makes! Follow us both @justinalayne @intrubeauty and use the hashtag #fit2bfab to post your healthy choices and double tap ours!

Goals for next week:

  • My husband and I are thinking about doing the Color Me Rad Run in Spokane. It’s a 5k which means 3.1 miles. I used to run between 3-6 miles a day every single day, so I thought this would be a great goal. It looks really fun so if I can get to 3.1 miles by the day of the race, I’m going to do it! In my experience running in the past, if you can run a mile, it’s not hard to get to three miles. If you can run three miles, it’s gravy from there if you want to start long distance running. Literally, if I can run three miles at a time, I have no problem running several more miles in the same day. Three is my magical number!
  • Cook something from emeals every day!
  • Finally join the gym…then actually go!
Next week…stay tuned for some reviews on Muscle Milk products and protein bars as well as more fitness gear!

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    Thanks for the shout out. I had a good cooking week. I slacked on exercise though.

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