My Favorite Body Illuminators

Just because we are approaching Fall doesn’t mean that we have to let all of our skin hibernate for the winter. If our legs are covered by jeans, we don’t feel like we HAVE to shave, but it feels so good to keep up with the routine of things! I love shaving my legs every day and I still like to apply illuminator in the winter. It’s like my dirty little secret that even though everyone else is letting their legs get fuzzy, I have these two soft and hairless gleaming legs that nobody knows about. Yeah, I know I’m a little weird! 

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I bust these out all the time in the summer, but truthfully, they work wonders in the colder months as well. What’s awesome is I bet a lot of this type of product will go on clearance this month because stores think nobody will be using these or wanting them. Snatch them up, I say! I have both of The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oils. The darker of the two, Honey Kissed, gives a subtle tan like shimmer, whereas the Honey Gold is more sparkly. I don’t think either one is too much for my fair complexion! L’Occitane’s Pivoine Flora Shimmering Oil gives off the most subtle golden sheen ever and is scented like peonies. None of these three oils are greasy, and each is a joy to use, leaving my skin so soft.

shimmering body illuminators.jpgDusting powders don’t have a shimmer like the oils above do, but they leave my skin looking and feeling like it’s gleaming. I love Silky Underwear because the scent is divine (think jasmine and cocoa butter) and it feels fantastic on my skin. The scent lingers and my skin is left smoother than ever. Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder has a real vanilla pod inside that infuses the bottle with the scent as you use it! White jasmine and tonka is the scent here. If you want something that will keep your booty soft, smooth, and hydrated, look no further than a dusting powder. 

lush dusting powder.jpgOne of my all time favorite ways to get my glow on is with Bath Bar‘s Bon Bini fragrance mist. I’ve written about this here. This scent is to die for and it not only refreshes my skin but leaves it with a bit of a glow. I’m a huge fan and can never figure out why EVERYBODY is not talking about this. 

bath bar bon bini.jpgBathina “Take a picture…it lasts longer” is a shimmering, glimmering body balm. This leaves the skin feeling soft and silky and is refreshingly scented with a fragrance that I have heard matches their Maybe Baby fragrance. My favorite place to apply this is down the front of my legs and all over my decolette. It looks great on my collarbones and has a shimmery pink glow to it that reminds me of High Beam. The little puff that comes with it is perfect for applying the product. I think this little tin will probably last me forever and it’s so chic! 

benefit bathina.jpgWhen I’m trying to shimmer, shine, get my glow on, and have amazingly soft skin all at the same time, these are the products I turn to. What are some of your favorite products for illuminating your body?  

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  1. 8.21.14

    Ooohhh that’s are great picks. I totally want that honey bronze it looks amazing!!!!

  2. 8.21.14
    Brittany said:

    I’ve never used a body illuminator but I am so down for trying them…to get a nice glow on my cocoa skin. Haaaa!

  3. 8.21.14
    Miranda said:

    I’ve used a luminizing body lotion from bodycology– it’s a really neat effect during summer!

  4. 8.21.14

    I like dry oils for adding some shine!

  5. 8.21.14
    Destany said:

    I’ve never used an illuminator. These all sound nice 🙂

  6. 8.21.14

    Nice selection!

  7. 8.22.14

    That Bathini tin is totes adorbz! Love it! I have a little spray bottle that looks like an old perfume atomizer from The Body Shop that has a glittery powder in it. I love the process of applying it more than I like wearing it, though! lol.

  8. 8.22.14

    You can’t go wrong with anything LUSH!

  9. 8.22.14
    Sheila said:

    Great picks! I’ve always wanted to try the illuminzers from the Body Shop.

  10. 8.22.14

    These sounds like such fun!

  11. 8.22.14

    Have you tried Nuxe’s shimmering dry oil? It’s amazing and I’m almost positive it’s what The Body Shop based theirs on.

  12. 8.23.14
    Leelo R said:

    I´ve never tried any body illuminators.

  13. 8.23.14
    Kendra said:

    Now I want them all….thanks!

  14. 8.25.14
    Melody said:

    I’ve never used a body Illuminator. Though for the summer I can see them being absolutely amazing.

  15. 8.28.14
    Kendra said:

    All of these look awesome!

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