FarmHouse Fresh Rasmopolitan Scrub

FarmHouse Fresh is one of my favorite brands for body and skincare. I have raved about them a bunch here, most recently their hand creams for the holidays. They recently came out with this Rasmopolitan body scrub with premium vodka and I wanted to share how much I love it here. I love everything from the formula, to the chic glass jar packaging, to the little details like the sticker that looks like a wax seal. 

rasmopolitanpress sample

Like most of FarmHouse Fresh’s formula’s this is 97% natural and vegan, and paraben and sulfate free. It’s not gluten free because it’s made with American-grown organic rye. This can be used as a body polish, or if you are trying to get more uses out of it, as a foot scrub, or a hand scrub next to your kitchen sink. I am addicted to exfoliating my hands this time of year so I have scrubs next to every sink and huge bottles of lotion. This has been taking up residence on my bathroom sink the last couple weeks!

This is described as a juicy cocktail body scrub full of fresh raspberry notes, crafted with Square One organic vodka, raspberry extract, sugar, and rice bran oil. The rice bran oil softens and hydrates the skin, and the course salt and sugar grains slough away dead skin cells. 

rasmopolitan 2As soon as I pull off the lid, I am greeted by the scent of raspberry vodka. As you can see in the picture below, the oil is all on the top and the sugar and salt grains are at the bottom. I reach my hand in and scoop out a handful of sugar and salt along with the oils and scrub away. I love when a scrub has a lot of grit to it but not to the point where it’s painful to use. This did not disappoint. It felt great on my hands and I loved the scent of vodka and raspberries as I was working the scrub into my hands and up my wrists. When I washed it all away, my hands were smooth and soft like a baby’s butt (I have two babies, so I would know HAHA!) and after lotion I felt like a new woman!

rasmopolitan 3It’s worth noting that there was no lingering scent. At first I wondered why but then I realized, duh…who wants to go around smelling like vodka? It’s a great experience when you’re at the sink but if you used this and then went to work, your employer might wonder. It’s best to keep the alcoholic spa experiences in the bathroom only! I have tried the Watermelon Basil Vodkatini scrub and LOVED that and if you are more of a coffee person than a liquor person, try their Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Scrub.

The 13 oz. jar retails for $34. It’s a high end price tag, but a luxurious product that I say is definitely worth it. Will you be indulging? 

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  1. 10.6.14

    Wow! Raspberry vodka sounds super inviting.

  2. 10.6.14
    Ange said:

    Yep, I need this!!

  3. 10.6.14
    Deborah said:

    Triplse Shot Caramel Coffee Scrub?! That sounds even more amazing :D!

  4. 10.6.14

    This sounds like scrub heaven!

  5. 10.6.14

    This sounds soooooo dreamy! I love me a good scrub!

  6. 10.6.14

    This sounds divine!

  7. 10.6.14
    Jamie said:

    I love Farmhouse Fresh! I’m always looking for a new scrub and this sounds divine.

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