FarmHouse Fresh Brandy Pear Sea Salt Body Polish

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FarmHouse Fresh has come out with a new body polish and of course I have to share it with you. Some of my favorite releases from their line have been the Coffee Scrub and the Rasmopolitan Scrub. With the release of the Brandy Pear Sea Salt Body Polish I officially have one going at each sink in my house right now. So let me tell you about it! 

brandy pear sea salt body polish

I’ll be honest, when I first went to take pictures for this, I accidentally dumped a ton of it out. Oops! I got oil from the body scrub all over a piece of wood I was using. It smelled so good! I rubbed it in and it got really clean and looked very rejuvenated and fresh. This is actually not wood cleaner, DUH, but the scent is lingering all over my stuff now and I’m not complaining. This might be my favorite FarmHouse Fresh product yet. As with all FHF products, the scent is just intoxicating. There is no other word to describe the way they blend their scents. They combine just the right ingredients that everything they have ends up being amazingly complex and super fragrant. Luxurious all around! I would expect to find a scent like this in a day spa, yet I get to use it whenever I wash my hands! If you are looking for this at the spa, you will find it at a few luxe locations including the Hyatt Regency, Four Seasons, and the Ritz-Carlton.

The packaging is so cute. There is a large wax looking seal on the side and a cute vintage shot of some women pampering themselves. Gotta love it! When you open the lid, there is a pool of the vitamin-E rich rice bran oil and underneath is all the scrub. FarmHouse Fresh takes one pound of bartlett pears, crushed and fermented, to distill the brandy in every single jar. This particular scrub is paraben and sulfate free, and made with 98% natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients are sea salt, sugar, pear brandy (distilled for almost one year), rice bran, and soybean and sunflower seed oils. The sea salt exfoliates, and the natural oils infuse skin with moisture  while leaving the luscious fragrance behind.

farmhouse fresh brandy pearThe scent of this scrub is unreal. SO good. It reminds me of a luxury cocktail that I would get while on a girls night somewhere super fancy. I spent New Year’s Eve with one of my cousins in Chicago in years past and we went to a bar where they only served top shelf liquor. We knew someone there and drank top shelf drinks all night. There were so many complex flavors and fun fruity drinks, and they all went down really well because, top shelf. I got more than a little tipsy, but still felt awesome the next morning. That’s what the Brandy Pear reminds me of. It’s fancy and indulgent, and your skin will feel awesome the next day! (And you shouldn’t drink it, but you’re going to want to!)

fhf brandy pear body scrubWhen I use this, I scoop my hand into the first 3-4 inches of the jar, past the oil, down into the scrub. I scoop out a small amount and rub my hands together. It has a lot of exfoliation. The salt pieces are somewhat large, and they will keep scrubbing as long as you keep rubbing, they don’t dissolve. As soon as the water hits my hands to start rinsing, the sea salt is washed immediately away and I am left with the softest, silkiest hands ever.

I tend to hoard the FHF products for my sink because I want to keep them lasting forever. This one I may put in my shower. It is currently my favorite FHF scrub and the scent is ridiculously yummy. The scent goes beyond brandy and pears- I almost smell a hint of banana and more fruit. It’s really soft and I want it all over my body! At $34 for 12 oz. this is a bit of a splurge, but you’re worth it! YOLO! You need this in your life, trust me. 

You can pick it up here and if you follow FHF on Facebook, they occasionally run a coupon so keep your eyes peeled.

Does brandy and pears sound like a good combo to you? What would your luxurious scrub of choice smell like? Have you tried FHF?  


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