Family Game Night With Kids

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family game night with kidsIn my family, a few things are very important to us! One thing that keeps everybody happy is making sure to carve out time for each other weekly. My husband works long hours and the kids and I miss him when he is at work. There are only a few waking hours left for the kids to enjoy him when he gets home, so we try to make the best of it. One way we have found to connect as a family is to have a weekly family game night! We want to start the tradition, but we have to revise it a little bit because our kids are 7 months old and 2.5 years old.

bag of mmsMy kids are too young to understand games. My oldest knows she wants in on the fun, but she has no idea what is going on. But that is ok because games are not really about being competitive at her age. It’s all about having fun, playing with family, and learning how to take turns. She likes to roll the dice and she likes to think she is winning, and those are two things I can easily make happen while we play Hasbro® Monopoly. She may not understand the rules, but she understands candy, so we have been playing with M&M’s® .

monopoly with mmsMonopoly can drag on for hours, but if you get to buy a new property with every roll of the dice, then it’s not so bad. I always lose this game, but everyone is winning when candy is involved! 

jail card monopolyYou could play this game so many ways with candy. You could use candy as currency, use it as a game piece, or play where you have to turn it all in if you draw the Go Directly To Jail card. I think I always want to play with candy! 

jenga with mmsAnother fun game is Jenga. I love this game! It’s hard to play with kids because they won’t know whether or not you can pull on a piece without the whole thing tumbling down. But little kids still understand balancing. We played where you could balance M&Ms on any surface that was open. Our daughter caught on pretty quickly and it was actually pretty fun! It would bring a new element to the game if you couldn’t knock over the tower or any balancing M&M pieces. 

jenga with kidsOf course, we didn’t get very far because toddlers like to be in the middle of the action and they will eventually reach for that piece of candy and everything will come tumbling down. It was all in good fun though! 

To enjoy our family game night, I bought a bag of 42 oz bag of M&Ms from Walmart. It’s so big that it even reseals at the top! I didn’t want to save the whole thing for our family so I made more of these pretzel rods that I made around the holidays. All you need to do is buy pretzel rods, melt chocolate, and adhere the M&Ms to the chocolate. It’s super easy and delicious! You can leave some with plain chocolate or do sprinkles too like I did below. 


pretzel rods with chocolateThey also make great gifts if you would like to share! 

giving pretzelsIf you need some M&Ms, check them out at Walmart. Right now they have a coupon where you can save $1 on any one bag of M&Ms, 38 oz. or larger. They have all different flavors of M&Ms- milk chocolate, peanut, peanut butter, and more. I grabbed the peanut kind and they are so good! Game pieces, recipes, you name it, they’re just awesome.

mm store pictureAt my Walmart, they were located right as you walked in by the greeting cards!

Do you have a family game night? I would love to hear about it! 

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