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Most of the beauty products I allow into my bathroom have two things in common- they can be used with minor fussing in the morning when I am getting ready, and they have a little pizazz about them. Whether that be funky and cool packaging, or that they enhance my appearance in a unique way, most of my beauty products have a little extra something going for them. To me, if it’s not exciting why bother?

Today I want to show you a handful of products I’ve been turning to over the past month or so when I am looking for a little shimmer. I often rotate out my products but these have been so fun to use that they’ve been sticking around for more than the usual testing cycle!

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S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer is an amazing product that I always forget about in my stash. It’s not cheap, at $33.50, but the bottle will probably last you over a year, and that’s if you use it every day! It’s a defrizzer and tamer that fights humidity and moisturizes. It also serves as a heat protectant! It has the tiniest little bit of silver shimmer. I promise it doesn’t look like dandruff when I use it- the shimmer is really tiny. It’s really hard to pick up with the camera, and it’s subtle in person, but I can tell it’s there. For me, it’s the equivalent of wearing lacy underwear under your best outfit. YOU know it’s there, even if nobody else can tell. I use this in my hair when it’s wet, before blow drying, but it can be used on wet or dry hair. This is a long time favorite of mine.

Cheeky by butter LONDON in the shade Pence is a more recently found favorite. It’s a shimmery highlighter in the most flattering golden shade. I’ve been applying it to my cheekbones with my finger tips, but you can also mix it with your moisturizer or foundation with a little something extra. This bottle is pretty large for a highlighter so I wouldn’t feel bad using it on my body too- applied directly to the collarbones or mixed with my body moisturizer and used all over.


s factor smoothing lusterizerVictoria’s Secret Shiny Kiss Flavored Glosses take me back to my high school days. All I ever carried around in my pocket were VS flavored lippies and notes from my besties. Does anyone else remember passing notes in the hallway or being mortified that a teacher would catch you writing a note to a friend in class and read it out loud? Texting and smart phones would have been a total game changer. #90skidsprobs. I love that these lippies are flavored, shiny, and hydrating. Some have shimmer and some don’t but all are super shiny and delish! I lick my lips all day when I wear these and I always have at least one or two tubes in the pocket of my fleece!


lancome bronze amour paletteLancome’s Bronze Amour palette is a cute little neutral palette. The one I am showing here is the mini that comes in a free gift. This is the perfect size for me because I have SO MANY palettes already that I never hit pan on. This has been perfect for travel for me, and I have found that every shade represented here looks perfect as an all over lid color. I have been really lazy recently and need to wash my makeup brushes, so I have been applying this over primer with my finger! It’s really gorgeous on and no muss no fuss, although I have to admit it’s a little easier to apply with a makeup brush. 

Becca’s Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in Watermelon/Moonstone is by far my favorite blush choice lately. Do you see how gorgeous it looks in the pot? It’s all flecked with a red-coral shade mixed in with the moonstone highlighter. It’s creamy, soft, and cushiony and gives a warm flush of color to my cheeks.There are four qualities in one formula here: a powder to add a pop of color, a stain to give staying power, an illuminating highlighter, and a cream. They are also water resistant. I find that these have buildable color but I really don’t need much at all. Although they’re a cream product, the luminosity they give reminds me of the Hourglass Ambient Blushes. Even now that I’ve been using it constantly and all the colors are mixed together in the pot, it is still so beautiful. I really want to get them all! I’m disappointed Becca didn’t come out with minis of all of these for the holidays! 

becca moonstoneFinger Paints Masked Beauty nail polish is a gorgeous champagne color. I am totally obsessed with golds and silvers for nail polish. I always have been! You’re much more likely to find me wearing gold on my toes than red. I think it’s timeless and I prefer my polish to match every outfit I wear if I’m going to take the time to paint it on!

Lastly, a killer pair of earrings can usually be found grazing my ears. I am totally obsessed with big and fabulous earrings. I’m convinced if I add a pair of earrings and a scarf I can transform any outfit from blah to ooh la la! These specific earrings were purchased at a boutique in my hometown but these from Baublebar look similar.

 bronze amour lancome

shimmer swatches Strawberry Fizz, Juiced Berry, Candy Baby, Candied, Pence, Watermelon/Moonstone

I love all the shimmering things! Do you like a sparkle in your life? Shop the post below!

S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer

Cheeky by butter LONDON in Pence

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Shiny Kiss Flavored Glosses

Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon/Moonstone

Earrings by FUNK- similar here

Lancome Bronze Amour Palette

Fingerpaints Nail Polish in Masked Beauty


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  1. 11.6.14
    Phyrra said:

    Thanks for the swatches!

  2. 11.6.14
    Amber said:

    I have been wanting to try the Becca blushes! That S Factor sounds awesome!

  3. 11.6.14

    I really need some of those VS lip glosses!

  4. 11.6.14

    so pretty! i love shimmah!

  5. 11.6.14
    Leelo R said:

    That Lancome palette is something for me 🙂

  6. 11.6.14

    The Butter Cheeky sounds good. Great swatches.

  7. 11.6.14
    Miranda said:

    I like rocking shimmer for the winter!

  8. 11.6.14

    Great suggestions! Now is the time to rock shimmers!

  9. 11.7.14

    I’m loving that swatch of the Becca blush! And, of course jewelry can elevate an outfit. Put on some diamonds, and rock that t-shirt and jeans, too!

  10. 11.7.14
    Sheila said:

    I loooooove those earrings – thanks for adding the links!

  11. 11.7.14

    those VS lippies were some of my favs.

  12. 11.7.14
    Destany said:

    I didn’t know VS made lippies! But then again, I never go in VS, so I shouldn’t be shocked hahah

  13. 11.7.14
    Jess Scull said:

    The butter LONDON highlight is gorgeous! Great post!

  14. 11.7.14

    Great choices–I have the 2 of teh BECCA souffles and the Lancome Bronze Amour palette–it’s such a staple in my stash!

  15. 11.7.14

    That’s a beautiful Lancome palette

  16. 11.9.14

    That blush looks gorgeous! Looks sorta of like a Milani blush from a while back.

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