I’m having one of those weeks where every day feels like Monday. Our dishwasher went out over the weekend so I’ve been hand washing everything (I know- first world problems). The house had a couple pricey repairs come up that couldn’t wait. It’s been over 90 degrees all week. Dealing with stuff around the house has kept us cooped up inside where messes compound on other messes until finally mom just wants to cry. Today is exactly the kind of day where I would love to round the kids up to get a treat somewhere just so I wouldn’t have to deal. 

DavidsTea 1Have you heard of DAVIDsTEA before? Starting July 15th through July 20th, head into any DAVIDsTEA store with your kids and they will receive a free Tea of the Day! I love when places have free perks for kids, especially when it’s for something moderately healthy. It’s just the pick me up I need to get out of the house and tea is definitely a worthy splurge for me. My kids get something free and fun, and I get to shop for tea which is one of my vices. I am a tea/coffee/beverage fanatic in case you didn’t know. 

Davids Tea Hard CandyDAVIDsTEA has all sorts of neat flavors in their summer collection, and they all sound delicious. While you are shopping, check out some of their neat tea accessories too. 

Kids iced tea bottle Davids TeaThe Bright Sky Kid’s Iced Tea Bottle is adorable and has frogs on it. I am pretty sure my daughter, Sabrina, who is OBSESSED with frogs is going to freak out when she sees this. Purchase this and your tea in it is $1 for the rest of the summer each time you bring it back to fill up. 

Davids Tea Travel MugA travel mug is also a great gift for keeping or giving. I am always looking for a mug upgrade. Something leakproof is right up my alley because it usually ends up getting knocked over or thrown in a diaper bag in a mad rush to get out the door.

Davids Tea hard candy 1Happy Hump Day, and I hope your week is going better than mine! If you make it out to DAVIDsTEA today, may I suggest Hard Candy as your flavor? It is sweet and delicious and the perfect thing to chipper up!

Have you been to this store? Don’t you love places that do free things for kids? 

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