Currently- 7/26

Summer always goes by too fast. This year is definitely no exception to that, considering we are booked just about every single weekend from now until October. I had so many goals for the summer, and many of them I’ve met. Some will probably stay on my to do list forever, but such is life.

One of my big goals for the summer was to finally learn the ins and outs of my camera. I bought a Canon 60d a couple years ago on a Black Friday sale, and I’ve been slowly but surely figuring it out. The goal when I bought my camera was that I would have a few years to figure it out before the girls went to school and I could eventually open my own photography business in town. I have a ways to go before I will be that confident, but I’ve been finding people to accept free photo sessions from me over the past several months, and at some point I’ll have enough pictures I’m proud of that I can start my online portfolio.

I’ve abstained from sharing a lot of pictures of my kids online, but I read something that resonated with me the other day. Another blogger had mentioned that she has pictures of her beautiful kids in almost every post she writes because they’re such an enormous and important part of her life that there would be no point in writing if she didn’t talk about them. I’m not quite a convert, although I show my kids sometimes on Instagram, but she does have a fabulous point. As a SAHM my kids are a big part of my every day, and if I want to ever start a photography business it makes sense that I would have to be open to sharing more.

We’ve done a lot of camping this summer, going to the park, and just hanging out at home out of the heat. I’m trying to tote my DSLR around a lot more so I can get great pictures of our every day that aren’t just iPhone pics. 

ruckus summer 2015campfireIMG_6398park at duskby the riverShould I do a photo feature every Sunday for pictures from the week before? It could be a fun goal. Maybe every week will be a theme? 

I edit most of my pictures with Greater than Gatsby actions too. Let me know if you want a walk through of a before/after using the actions sometime and I will be happy to! 

Happy Sunday and see you next week 🙂


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  1. 7.26.15
    Jessica T said:

    Nice photos! I love love the last one and the one with the baby smiling.

  2. 8.1.15
    Alyssa said:

    I would love a weekly photo feature! I can’t believe how much older Jocelyn looks in these photos!

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