Cozy Indulgences

This time of year, all I really want to do is get cozy in front of the fire, and goal set for the new year. I’m thinking of all the things I loved about 2019 and all the things I would love to change in 2020. My holiday travel is over but we have more than a week left before the kids go back to school, so all I really want to do is hang out and be comfy.

My favorite way to start the day right now is with my Bodum French Press. We ditched our Keurig a while back because TBH I am worried about mold in the machine, and they just don’t make them like they used to. We were going through a machine a year before it would break down. Simple is sometimes best, and I’m so glad we went back to basics. I’ve been drinking Neuroast mushroom coffee for months because it has health benefits and helps me laser focus without the jittery effects of most coffee. I love that I can buy it on Amazon. And Prymal coffee creamer is also amazing (read my review). It’s got none of the sugary junk in it, and I like the taste so much better too. I use a milk frother to get it to blend perfectly into my coffee.

In 2019 I read a lot of self improvement books I wanted a hard copy of to reference in the future. In 2020 I want to relax a lot more and read for pleasure. I’m so glad I got a Kindle this fall, and I’ve been using my unlimited membership to download whatever I want to read. This is my inner old lady talking, but what a time to be alive when you can desire to read a book and download it within moments without leaving your house. I love technology.

I’ve been obsessed with jogger pants this winter and have found many pairs of them at Target. I got a really cute and pricey pair in my Stitch Fix box months ago, and it really turned me on to them…but ultimately I just don’t need super fancy shmancy pants that I don’t usually leave the house in. Well…if you ask my kids, that is a lie, and I wear them to school drop off. Still though, check out the brand Stars Above for some of my cozy faves.

It wouldn’t be a beauty blog if I didn’t mention my deep love for Biossance Rose Vegan Lip Balm. It reminds me of Laneige that everyone loves (including me) except this one feels more oil based. It seems to sink in deeper when it hydrates. And I love the calming scent of rose. I also got my favorite ever hand lotion at an airport about a year ago, and it’s still going strong. I can’t find it in stores lately, but the Kiehl’s hand lotion is everything for moisturizing and the scent of coriander is uniquely herbal in a way I love.

Last but not least, I am obsessed with weighted blankets. We have two now. I like to keep them on top of all my blankets at night so they don’t fall off when I roll over. My husband has a very heavy one and I have a lighter one with a soft duvet cover. We’re both obsessed but have decided to keep them in our bedroom rather than take them all around the house, because cleaning them will be difficult if anything spills.

clockwise from top left: Bodum French Press // Neuroast Mushroom Coffee // Prymal Coffee Creamer // Milk Frother // Kindle Paperwhite // Kindle Unlimited // Stars Above Joggers // Rose Vegan Lip Balm // Kiehl’s hand lotion // Weighted Blanket

*I bought these all on my own and am using affiliate links.

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