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enhance-click-highlighters-review-and-swatchesI am totally obsessed with the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops (read my review) and still use them all the time, so I freaked out when I learned that they were coming out with their Click Highlighters. A couple things stood out to me right away when I learned about these. One, they are the cream version of what is possibly my favorite beauty find of the year and two, these are only $18! 

enhance-click-highlighters-2I remember when Becca came out with their powder highlighters, and then they made them in a liquid, cream, and powder version. Each time they come out with a new shade, it’s usually available in three forms. That’s kind of what Cover FX has done with these. They now have highlighters in a liquid, powder, and cream version. These being the cream version, they are also the most subtle way to apply the Cover FX highlighter, and these also come in 9 different shades which is more shades than their other products come in! These creamy sticks can be used on a variety of skin tones and purposes. I’m thinking some of these would be best suited as blush, some as illuminator.

enhance-click-highlighters-3When it comes to cream products, you have to figure out what’s going to work with you in terms of layering with other products that you use. I didn’t have an issue blending this over my setting powder, but depending on what you use you might have a different experience. I’ve found that cream plays nice with other cream products. Sometimes if I use a powder and try to wear a cream blush over top it’s not a pretty scene. I was impressed with the blendability these had though!

enhance-click-highlighters-and-click-stick-2enhance-click-highlighters-and-click-stickThese come with their own lids or you can buy an Empty Click Stick for $2 and they will fit right in there for easy portability. Cover FX now carries three types of product in their “Click line” including their Cover Click Concealer + Foundation, Enhance Click Highlighter, and Correct Click Color Corrector. These are all priced at $18 and come in a small and cute size that I think is reasonable for a high end brand for the price you are paying. 

cover-fx-enhance-click-highlighters-swatchesL-R: Blossom, Berry, Celestial, Candlelight, Gilded, Gold Dust

Although these are more on the subtle side on their own, you could absolutely layer these with a powder highlight or blush over top for a more intense finish if that is the look you are going for. In the picture below, I tested out an illuminator and a blush. 

wearing-enhance-click-highlightersMUFE foundation, ILIA powder, Cover FX Berry as blush, Celestial highlight, Clinique Cocoa Pop on lips

enhance-click-highlightersI’m really glad I have been trying out so many of Cover FX’s products lately. I am finding so many favorites. Of the Click Highlighters, of course Celestial is my favorite. Love that shade! 

What’s your favorite shade? Have you tried these? Would you? 


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  1. 1.1.17
    Amber said:

    I was afraid these would be too metallic for my winter white skin but they look really natural on you! Lovely!