How to Cover up Dark Under Eye Circles and Dark Spots

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I’m a sufferer of dark circles under my eyes, and the problem gets worse every summer. I’m prone to freckling, which only makes my under eye circles look darker. I also get dark spots on my face. I get freckles in the summer which fade in the fall, but the dark spots stay year round, getting increasingly darker in the summer as I get more sun. I’ve accrued a couple tips and tricks to help you if you have these problems like I do! 

The first step is to treat the problem before concealing. I like to start with a serum, because it’s the most concentrated form of skincare. I have been using Repairwear Laser Focus by Clinique as a serum on my whole face before applying makeup. It is supposed to smooth, restore, and correct the skin on your face. Another great serum by Clinique is Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. The way these serums work is over time. You are not going to see an improvement after the first use, or even after the first week. After about a month, if you are really paying attention, you may see a one to two shade difference in your dark spots. By the time you are on to your second bottle you will really see a big change in your skin.

Besides using a serum, I also like to target the skin directly under the eyes. I use Clinique All About Eyes, because it’s my favorite eye cream I’ve ever tried of the many I’ve used. I always come back to it even if I’m testing something else. Before applying this I also apply Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. This has a soothing metal tip that feels really nice but the product does help to brighten the eye area over time. Once again, you will be at the end of your tube before you start to notice much difference.

My whole face gets SPF every day. I’ve been using Josie Maran SPF 47 lately, but anything will SPF will do! If you are not using SPF as part of your regimen, you may as well not even bother trying to treat the problem. It’s just going to get worse if you are not using sunscreen. After this step, I am ready to apply foundation! 

If you’re trying to cover some heavy duty spots, you’ll want a medium to full coverage foundation. If you go medium, you can spot conceal the spots that are still peeking through. If you go full, you probably won’t have to do that step. I bounce my foundation on with the fat end of the Beauty Blender sponge for great coverage. 

To target directly under my eyes, I’ve been using Smashbox BB Eye Cream. It has the coverage of a concealer, fades the dark circles instantly and over time, hydrates, and illuminates. It’s my favorite eye product discovery, possibly ever! My shade is light. I brush this on over top of my foundation and diffuse it with my fingers or the Beauty Blender. If you’re happy with your coverage there, you can stop. Sometimes I set it with a powder, and other times I will go in with my YSL Touche Eclat and add just a touch more brightness. That’s what I did in the pictures I have shown today. 

If for some reason I still have stubborn spots on my cheeks, I will go back in with Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer. Since discovering this, I’m always shocked that I’ve never read about this on a beauty blog. It has a silicone tip, and medium/full coverage. I dot it on with my finger, and it’s literally bullet proof. It won’t budge during the day and it covers the spots really well. In fact, sometimes, I will skip all of the above steps and just use this under my eyes!

dark spots before concealing.jpgdark spots after concealing.jpg

A couple more tips for applying makeup when you have dark circles and spots:

1. Make sure to fill in your eyebrows if they’re sparse. My eyebrows are barely there, so filling them in makes a big difference in the way that I look. Dark spots tend to make you look older and so do sparse eyebrows, so I make sure to fill them in to make my whole face look a little more youthful.

2. Use a mascara that won’t flake under your eyes. The little flakies have a tendency to leave little dark spots of their own during the day! 

3. Be very precise with your eyeliner if applying under your eyes. I am always careful that whatever I use under my eyes won’t migrate during the day. Anything extra dark or smokey that I put on my eyes has a tendency to migrate and just look like dark circles.


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Do you suffer from dark circles or dark spots? What do you use? I don’t go through this whole routine every day but it’s nice to know I can treat these issues not only with my skincare but with my makeup routine! 

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  1. 7.3.14

    Great tips! Those serums you mentioned sound great. I think I have to give them a try.

    • 7.4.14
      Justina said:

      I’m freaking addicted to serums!

  2. 7.3.14

    I need to try some of these serums!

  3. 7.3.14

    Great tutorial and tips!

  4. 7.3.14

    Wow, that sounds great – I definitely would try these! <3

  5. 7.3.14
    Laura said:

    great roundup of products. i could use a few right now. no sleep!!!

  6. 7.3.14
    Jessica W said:

    Awesome tips, I’ve already passed this onto a beauty group I’m in!

    • 7.4.14
      Justina said:

      Aww thank you!

  7. 7.3.14
    Ange said:

    These are some awesome tips and products!!

  8. 7.3.14
    Allison @neversaydiebeauty said:

    Excellent. Have you used IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye? I was considering it. Now I’m using Amazing which is very heavy duty

    • 7.4.14
      Justina said:

      I love the Bye Bye Undereye, especially now that it’s in waterproof too. Amazing Cosmetics looks nice too. I’m a concealer addict so I’m sure I’ll pick it up at some point.

  9. 7.3.14
    BeautyJudy said:

    Great tips, Justina! Thank you!

    • 7.4.14
      Justina said:


  10. 7.3.14
    Pink Sith said:

    Thanks for the tips! I need to check out the Smashbox BB Eye Cream. I really love my beauty blender sponge. it’s such a miracle worker!

    • 7.4.14
      Justina said:

      It’s amazing, I’m pretty much in love with it. Probably my favorite discovery of the year.

  11. 7.3.14

    Fantastic! I love IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-Eye, especially since it came out in Waterproof!

  12. 7.3.14
    Phyrra said:

    I didn’t realize filling in the eyes made that much of a difference!

  13. 7.3.14
    Norah Salazar said:

    I use the MUFE a lot in my work, it is the best concealer and corrector

    • 7.4.14
      Justina said:

      You are the first person I’ve heard of who loves it too! I can’t believe everyone’s not talking about it!

  14. 7.3.14
    Cindy Ingalls said:

    another great one is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye!

    • 7.4.14
      Justina said:

      I do love that one too!

  15. 7.3.14
    Brittany said:

    You are speaking my language! I am also using Clinique’s Repair Laser Focus and I am a huge fan of their Dark Spot Corrector. Both are fantastic and actually work.

  16. 7.3.14

    Wowo! What a difference!

  17. 7.4.14
    Lisa Heath said:

    Wow! Noticeable difference

  18. 7.4.14
    Anastasia said:

    I really need to update my concealers, most of the ones I currently use are years old. Thanks for the tips on how to find the right one!

  19. 7.4.14
    FabZilla_Kath said:

    Great tips mama! I have dark under eyes and too!

  20. 7.4.14
    Eugenia said:

    I can def see a difference!!

  21. 7.4.14
    Ashley P said:

    Great tips. I can see a difference!

  22. 7.5.14
    Betzy Carmona said:

    I can totally see the difference

  23. 7.5.14

    looks great – very awesome tips 😀

  24. 7.5.14

    I’ve tried all the products except for the Josie Maran. I’d love to give it a trial run.

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