It Cosmetics IT’s All About You! 5 Piece Kit for QVC

I have an awesome kit to share with you today from IT Cosmetics. Their IT’s All About You! 5 piece collection will be the TSV (Today’s Special Value) on QVC for one day only on June 21st. That’s this Saturday! I wanted to give you the head’s up because you’ll want to get your wallet ready.

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I have really come to love IT Cosmetics and everything they sell. My favorite products of theirs have been their Vitality Glow Anti-Aging Matte bronzer (so well loved my lid is broken off and taped back down), Tightline Mascara Primer, and the YBBB Brow Power Skinny Pencil. I could go on, but I won’t. At some point, I’ll review everything I have of theirs! I recently let my family raid my stash of everything I didn’t feel I needed, and I think IT Cosmetics was the only brand I kept my greedy little paws on. So what that I have three back up tubes of Bye Bye Under Eye! I love everything from this line so much! 

it cosmetics it's all about you 2This kit is going for $59.96 on Saturday, and will be retailing for $72.50 thereafter. It includes a 0.28 oz. Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer, 0.66 oz. CC+ Radiance Palette, 0.30 oz. Antiaging Celebration Foundation in Fair, Light Medium, Tan, or Rich, 0.0056 oz. Brow Power Universal Eye Pencil, and a Silverplush Heavenly Luxe Dual-Ended Complexion Perfection Brush.

it cosmetics it's all about you 3This is such an exciting deal and such a great value. I have tried a couple of these products and a couple are brand new. I had mentioned that one of my favorite products from IT Cosmetics was their brow pencil. I have been using another brand lately for a bolder brow, but recently I’ve been wondering where I put my IT Cosmetics YBBB pencil. I can’t find it anywhere and it’s my favorite for a natural brow look. 

it cosmetics brow pencilBrow Power Universal Brow Pencil is the two-time QVC Customer Choice Award winner for “Best Brow Product.” What I love about this is how easy to use it is and how beautifully it works. Even someone who isn’t great at filling in their brows is going to have good luck with this. It’s universal, and the way it’s designed each hair is coated and adhered to the skin making it easy to make your brows look like “your brows but better.” If you have lighter hair you can apply with lighter strokes and for darker hair you can just press down harder. Afterwards, use the spooly brush to blur everything and make it blend better. IT Cosmetics also donates to cancer with the sales of each of these pencils. So awesome! 

it cosmetics brow pencil 2The Heavenly Luxe Dual-Ended Complexion Perfection Brush is such an awesome brush, and it alone retails for $48. The kit only costs $12 more than the brush by itself! This is such a great brush. There is a lot you can do with it. In this kit, you can use it to swirl the Celebration Foundation around on your skin to buff it in. You can use the bigger end for blush as well, and the smaller end can be used for highlighter or concealer. 

it cosmetics brush


I’m addicted to under eye concealer and probably own at least 20 tubes of different kinds. Every time I think about Bye Bye Under Eye I wonder why I’m not using it daily. If I had to narrow it down to one it would be completely impossible, but if I had to choose a top five, this would definitely be up there.

Bye Bye Under Eye Waterproof is brand new and nobody has tried it before this kit! They got such great feedback from Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer that they decided to come out with one that lasts all day and has 12-hr waterproof coverage. With the original formula, you need just a small pin prick and it’s loaded with anti-aging benefits, which I direly need. It’s crease proof, and really does a great job camouflaging those dark circles. I’m excited for a waterproof version. Even if I don’t wear this on the beach, I find that waterproof formulas of most cosmetic products last longer on me! 

it cosmetics bye bye undereye waterproofIT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation is a well loved foundation by all who use it. Admittedly, I haven’t tried this on my face yet because I wanted to get these pics up ASAP. I’m assuming I will love it just like everything else from this brand. I have tried the Celebration Illumination Foundation and loved it though, and I know they are similar. This one is full coverage, lightweight, and has anti-aging ingredients, skin-loving peptides,hydrolyzed collagen, silk and more to help you achieve a perfect and airbrushed complexion. 

it cosmetics celebration foundationIf you are looking for a fuller coverage foundation for summer, this may well be it for you. I know you think sheer in the summer, but if you’re like me and suffering from dark spots and freckles everywhere, you may be interested! Don’t give me wrong, I love freckles but I don’t have them naturally, so when I get them it is a sign of sun damage. I tend to get them underneath my eyes the most and it accentuates my dark circles, so that is a major no no in my book! I love that this has a mirrored compact with a sponge underneath so if I need to use it on the go that is an option. When I use it at home, I’ll use the Heavenly Luxe brush! it cosmetics celebration foundation 2And last but not least, the CC+ Radiance Palette. Are you dying over this like I am? I tried to capture the holographic part of the palette and you may be able to see how it shines in blue and green on the right side. This palette is all new and contains three new color correcting innovations. The CC+ Brightening Finishing Powder, CC+ Matte Bronzer, and the CC+ Flush Blush. 

it cosmetics cc+ radiance paletteThese products are all anti-aging, talc-free, and contain color correcting pigments that enhance and even out the appearance of your natural skin tone while boosting the warmth and radiance of your skin. I won’t rattle off all of the ingredients, but you’ll find collagen, vitamins A, C, E, silk, aloe, green tea, hyaluronic acid, and a bunch of other ingredients that are so awesome they will make you salivate. Yes, I did say salivate, but I truly get excited when I see so many amazing ingredients all in the same place. I know I’m doing something fabulous for my skin.

it cosmetics cc+ radiance palette 2I am really excited about all three of these products, plus the fact that they’re all in the same palette, PLUS the fact that I’m obsessed with brightening and radiance products so this is totally my jam. The CC+ Brightening Finishing Powder actually has Drops of Light Technology, which uses light-reflecting microspheres to give your skin the look of healthy illumination without glitter or shimmer. This is honestly such a relief for me because I just turned 28 and want to have nice skin but I don’t need to shimmer every day. I just want to fool people into thinking I’m not a zombie most of the time! 

it cosmetics it's all about you swatchesCelebration Foundation in Medium Beige, Bye Bye Under Eye Waterproof in Neutral Medium, Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil, CC+Brightening Finishing Powder, CC+ Flush Blush, and CC+ Matte Bronzer

If you are interested in picking this up, you can check it out here on June 21st! Are you going to grab this? What are you most excited about in the kit?


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  1. 6.19.14

    Such a great set! I would love to try it.

  2. 6.19.14

    This is great kit! Bye Bye Under Eye Waterproof sounds very interesting.

  3. 6.19.14
    Anastasia said:

    What a beautiful kit! I love the brush and the palette.

  4. 6.19.14
    Allison @neversaydiebeauty said:

    Such a great kit! I’m afraid to read about it ‘coz I want one 😉

  5. 6.19.14

    I don’t need any more makeup… I don’t.. I really want this, though, and it’s such a great price.

  6. 6.19.14
    Noelle said:

    I’m totally lovin’ that dual brush!

  7. 6.19.14
    Phyrra said:

    This is such a great kit

  8. 6.19.14
    Ange said:

    Awesome kit!!

  9. 6.19.14

    I’ve recently explored IT Cosmetics and love what I’m trying so far!

  10. 6.20.14

    Wow, the price on Saturday is all kinds of amazing!

  11. 6.20.14
    Laura said:

    i love this kit!

  12. 6.20.14

    this looks awesome. I need to really jump on the it cosmetics wagon and try something out.

  13. 6.20.14

    This kit is fantastic! The radiance palette makes it my fave kit to date!

  14. 6.20.14
    Carleen said:

    This kit looks fabulous!

  15. 6.20.14
    Cosmetic Sanctuary said:

    I need this kit!

  16. 6.24.14
    myCosmeticBag said:

    that brush looks awesome!

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