Cold & Flu Essentials for Kids- the Kinsa Smart Thermometer

We may be OFFICIALLY into springtime right now, but cold and flu season is definitely not over with yet. Every time we make plans lately, it seems like friends are saying we will have to reschedule because they’ve come down with something. We were sick with back to back colds, the flu, and ear infections for what seems like forever and I want to share with you something that really saved us during our sicknesses- the Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer.

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I am still nursing my youngest, so she is taking vitamin D (recommended by her doctor), my oldest had a double ear infection, so she was on Amoxicillin for 10 days, and stuffy noses and fevers called for Acetaminophen and a nasal aspirator. I am just SO over cold and flu season, and this teething business. Luckily, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is helping us stay organized, and keep track of everyone’s symptoms and keep it all straight! When you have more than one sick child it can be difficult to keep track of which kid was pulling on their ears, or which kid’s temperature was coming out at 103 degrees when they both feel warm.  

kinsa smart thermometerBut more on the Kinsa- it’s the coolest thing. It connects to my smartphone via a headphone jack and uses a free app available in either the Google Play store, or in my case the Apple iTunes store. It tracks the temperature and symptom history of all of the users. There are on-screen directions that are so simple to follow- from setting everything up to the actual taking of the temperature itself. Temperatures can be taken orally, rectally, or under the arm and it reads in 10 seconds. The thermometer is compatible with the iPhone 4S, 5, 5c, 5s; Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, and Note 4; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and S5.  


cold and flu essentials for kidsMy kids don’t love having their temperatures taken. Previously we had been using a forehead thermometer, and we would have to hold them down while they were screaming to get a temperature. When your children are already feeling icky, it’s not a good feeling to have to hold them down to take a temperature on top of the suffering they’re already experiencing! It is so easy to slip the tip of this right under their armpit, and they don’t even notice! Hopefully you can tell by the pictures that this is very thin and compact. It’s not a huge bulky thing to have to handle.

taking temperatureYou can see in the picture above that I was able to create a profile for my two year old, Jocelyn. She had a temperature the other day of 102.8. I gave her some medicine for her slight fever, and every 45 minutes was able to take her temperature and watch as it went down. The screen I get while I am waiting for her temperature also has bubbles she can pop with her finger to pass the time if she wants. She loves that! It’s just like her toddler apps on my iPhone. The wait screen is supposed to only be 10 seconds, but kids can be a little fidgety so it occasionally takes longer than that. 

kinsa thermometer 2Besides being able to create profiles for family members, there are so many other features! I can keep track of other symptoms like diarrhea, ear ache, nausea, fatigue, stomach ache, headache, etc. I can even add in notes of my own! I can find an urgent care nearby. I have also heard there is a new “groups” feature that will let parents who join a group at their kid’s public school anonymously share temperature and symptoms data with other parents at the school. Without identifying who the children are, you can get a good idea of the “health report card” of the school- how many kids are sick and what symptoms are going around? How cool! Parents are able to message other group members inside the app to share what their child is sick with or post a question for other parents! 

Kinsa is $29.99 currently and is available on Amazon, CVS and Apple. This is just the coolest device, and I love it so much! I am thinking it is absolutely perfect for a baby shower gift too. I recently got invited to a mini baby shower for someone who has a few kids already, and I can’t imagine what else they could ever need. I hadn’t heard of the Kinsa until really recently, so I’m guessing neither have other people- it’s a good bet they don’t have one of these yet! And the $30 range is about perfect for what I would typically spend for a shower.  I think it would also be great for elderly people, those with chronic illnesses, or just anyone who has a need for frequent temperature readings. It is extremely user friendly!

If you want to read more about the Kinsa, USA Today wrote a great article on the Kinsa if you are looking for more information, and you can watch their commercial below.




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  1. 3.23.15
    Anastasia said:

    I hated having my temperature taken as a kid, but this thermometer looks very fun 😉

  2. 3.23.15

    What an amazingly cool device! Definitely a must for moms, but useful for anyone who wants to track their fever during the course of an illness.

  3. 3.23.15
    Erika said:

    Where were these when my son was little? lol

  4. 3.23.15

    This is such a cool thermometer. Beats the old fashioned ones.

  5. 3.23.15
    Phyrra said:

    What a cool app and neat thermometer!

  6. 3.23.15

    This is awesome! I’d love this for my kids!

  7. 3.23.15

    Armpit thermometer! Is there anyplace they haven’t designed a thermometer to work? lol. Cool idea, especially for kids.

  8. 3.24.15

    Hope your kids are feeling better now! Hubs is actually sick w/ cold too. This bug is at peak this time of the year

  9. 3.24.15
    Jess Scull said:

    Whaaat! This is super awesome!

  10. 3.24.15

    My kids were not fans of the mouth thermometers, so I always have the head ones to keep them from being cranky. Poor little, hope the kids are feeling better.

  11. 3.24.15

    We NEED this so much!

  12. 3.24.15

    I wish they stuff like this when my kids were little!

  13. 3.25.15

    boy does that ever look interesting!!!

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