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Until recent years I have never associated Clinique with up and coming, trendy, or exciting launches. Don’t get me wrong, they are one of my favorite brands, and I have always loved them! But for years, there hasn’t been a super fun launch I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. They have really upped the ante recently and there have been several items I have been dying to get my hands on! One of the latest things that caught my eye is the Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer. 

clinique grape pop lipstickI thought the packaging was kind of funky- it’s color blocked with Clinique’s signature silver and the color of the lipstick at the base, everything housed in a square tube. There are 16 lovely shades, and I was surprised by the shade range. I’ve always known Clinique to be a brand that has been into “naturally pretty” beauty. If you are looking for something bold and fierce, Clinique is usually not where you are going to find it. If you are looking for something soft and natural, Clinique should be your first stop. These lipsticks are the first example I’ve seen of Clinique really bending the rules of their own brand.

These shades are bold and they pack a lot of punch! I tried on several in store and knew that I wanted to pick up at least one. The range included everything from neutrals to brights, as well as some really dark shades. I’m glad they are catering to a variety of skin tones and tastes within this collection! 

What Clinique says about the formula: Luxurious yet weightless formula merges bold, saturated colour with a smoothing primer. Glides on effortlessly to a modern-velvet finish. Colour stays true, keeps lips comfortably moisturized for 8 hours. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.

clinique grape popThere were a few shades that appealed to me, but I purchased Grape Pop in the end. It’s got a demi matte finish and is in the violet family. I chose this shade because I loved the slip of the formula on my lips. It went on super velvety soft in a thin layer. It was super long lasting (probably because it contains a primer) and the color reminded me a lot of MAC Heroine. In indirect light, without flash it reads as a slightly darker purple than in the picture below, but the picture below depicts what the shade looks like with a flash. After wearing it for several hours and drinking coffee, it left a slight stain on my lips. 

clinique grape pop lip swatchThere are a few other shades that appeal to me but I didn’t have time to try them all on. Love Pop had some shimmer to it and the feel on my lips was different than the Grape Pop, yet their website still indicates it’s a demi matte. Just thought I’d point that out since some of the shades in the range seem to have a different finish, just try before you buy or at least be aware that some of the shades are like this. I may check out the Punch Pop or Bare Pop next. There are lots of fun options.

Have you tried this out yet or seen it in stores? Which of the shades appeals to you most? 

Pick it up at Clinique, Sephora, or Nordstrom


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  1. 4.26.15

    I haven’t tried these yet. I always forget about Clinique, even though I have liked the stuff I have tried from them.

    • 4.27.15
      justina said:

      Clinique is probably my all time favorite brand, especially for skincare. I love seeing them come out with exciting launches lately.

  2. 4.27.15

    I haven’t seen them yet. I love the red square “tubes”. The shade you chose is great!

    • 4.27.15
      justina said:

      Thanks, I love it!

  3. 4.27.15

    Haven’t tried these yet, but they look amazing. Love the Grape Pop.

    • 4.27.15
      justina said:

      They really are amazing! I tried on Love Pop in store too and decided I didn’t love it so I didn’t buy it. By the time I got home I already wanted it! lol. It looked better in the car than in the store!

  4. 4.27.15

    I completely agree with your opening about how there’s never anything I get super excited about when it launches from Clinique but that the brand is great! I love the look of Grape Pop and I haven’t seen these yet but I’m going to look for them!

  5. 4.27.15
    Destany said:

    That is a lovely shade!

  6. 4.27.15
    Renu said:

    That’s a beautiful, wearable shade! The packaging looks good, too.

  7. 4.27.15
    MarciaF said:

    That doesn’t look like Clinique to me, which is a good thing. I think of the light green gwp tubes from them and forget they’ve moved on. I love that Clinique is fragrance free.

  8. 4.27.15

    I agree with you – I used a lot of Clinique when I was younger, and they have a lot more ‘naturally pretty’ stuff. Or had, I should say, because they are stepping up their game. I love this color! So pretty.

  9. 4.28.15

    That’s such a pretty shade! You’re right, Clinique is stepping up, packaging & marketing-wise.

  10. 4.28.15

    I am absolutely in love with this color!

  11. 4.28.15

    That shade is stunning on you! I never would’ve thought I wanted a grape-ish shade until now!

  12. 4.29.15

    This is a really nice shade on you

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