Clinique 2017 Spring Launches


Clinique is one of my favorite brands to follow, and they’ve come out with some new launches for Spring! Truth be told, I don’t always get that excited about Spring launches- many brands release pastels and other unflattering (on me) items this time of year but I can always get on board with a new skincare and foundation launch, and that’s what we have here!

Clinique just came out with new BIY Blend it Yourself Pigment Drops. If you remember when Cover FX came out with the Custom Cover Drops, this is the exact same idea! You add the BIY drops into whatever moisturizer you like, and it takes on the consistency of whatever you blend it with. The amount of drops you add to the moisturizer can create a more sheer cover, or a more full cover. If you use a mattifying moisturizer, you’ll get a matte finish. If you use a dewy finish moisturizer, you’ll end up looking more radiantly complected. 

I LOVE products like these because you get to be the artist. You can change what your coverage looks like by the day or by your mood. They are perfect for every skin type too, since you are choosing the mixing medium. In the picture above I am wearing the BIY drops in shade 210 with the Pepstart HydroRush Moisturizer, also a new product from Clinique. I haven’t added this moisturizer to my routine full time yet, but for the sake of this review I used it to mix the BIY drops with. I like that the texture is light but also hydrating.

BIY125, BIY155, BIY210

For comparison sake, if you have tried the Custom Cover Drops, those are a lot thicker. The BIY drops are very watery in consistency. I really enjoy the texture of the Clinique BIY because due to the watery texture, I find it is really easy to get it looking good. When the product is a thick consistency, it’s hard for me to get the proper mix going so that it doesn’t go on thick and cakey. 

As you can see in my swatches above, there are lighter and darker shades so these will suit a variety of skin tones. There are some way lighter options than what I have pictured here too. The three bottles I have are labeled in the shades I listed above but I noticed that on Clinique’s website some of the shades I have are not shown. My sample bottle that I wore for this post was labeled 210 but I would definitely double check the shade on the site before purchasing since I found it odd that 210 is a darker shade than 155 which is the really dark shade. 

Clinique has lots of other fun looking launches right now too- I’ll link them below! What are you most excited about?

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