Clean, Hydrating, Plant Based Skincare Line

As someone who is skincare obsessed, I’m always scouting the latest and greatest from different brands. I have gotten picky though: there are a lot of brands out there with products I would categorize as average. When I decide I’m going to cover a brand I definitely want to make sure it’s worth the money and awesome. I have dry skin, love to avoid a lot of toxins, and like easy beauty products. Like, when I only need one or two steps I’m pretty much sold! A line of skincare oils is definitely going to appeal to me, especially when it’s a clean, hydrating, plant based skincare line. If you’re like me, I think you’re really going to want to try out Biossance


Conscious ingredients

In the US, there aren’t that many banned chemicals in our skincare. It’s really a shame because around the world, there are lots of banned ingredients! I appreciate the No Compromise approach that Biossance has adopted when creating these products because they blacklist so many of the bad ingredients. Everything is EWG verified, made with eco-friendly packaging, and they really work!

Clean, hydrating, plant based skincare

Biossance products utilize Squalane, which is plant derived and so moisturizing for the skin. My skin is extremely dry and prone to dermatitis, and my skin drinks their oils right up!

I’ve tried three of their products, and I love them all. 

Clean, hydrating, plant based skincare using squalane derived from sugarcane. These oils are super hydrating to skin.

Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel: Housed in a pump jar, this is a hydrating eye gel that reduces the appearance of dark circles, improves skin hydration, reduces puffiness, etc. My main concerns around my eyes are dark circles and extremely dry skin. This had a cooling sensation for me that felt so nice, and felt a lot like Clinique All About Eyes (my HG eye cream) so it was love at first sight for me. 

Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil: This oil is super soft on my skin and I love that it seems to slightly brighten my complexion when I use it. I can tell I’m super hydrated with this because my skin feels plumper, looks more radiant, and I look overall more healthy. My skin drinks it right up! I have worn it alone and also worn it layered with moisturizer on top if I’m feeling extra dry. 

100% Squalane Oil: My favorite find was the 100% squalane because I feel like it’s a one and done skincare product every time I use it. It has a slightly thicker and fattier texture when I apply it than the other oil. When I wear it, it’s all I use that day. The product sinks right in and is extremely hydrating. I’m obsessed and I also love that I can smooth some onto my hair, cuticles, and rough patches if I have any leftover on my hands after applying it to my face. 

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Clean, hydrating, plant based skincare using squalane derived from sugarcane. These oils are super hydrating to skin.

Prior to trying this skincare line, I’d never known about squalane as an ingredient in skincare. Upon doing a little research, I discovered that squalene (with an e) is derived from shark liver oil and is used as a skincare ingredient for hydrating. It can also be derived from olives. Squalane (with an a) is sustainably derived from sugar cane. The human body actually produces its own version of squalane but the amount you make and retain decreases over time, which is part of what makes our skin become dry and rough with age. 

Clean, hydrating, plant based skincare using squalane derived from sugarcane. These oils are super hydrating to skin.

Have you heard of Biossance? Do you seek out skincare with squalane as an active ingredient? I’m really loving using a clean, hydrating, plant based skincare line! I linked to this and other oils with squalane below! Tell me what you think! 

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