Clean Beauty & Healthy Lifestyle Black Friday Sales 2018

There are so many things on my radar right now that I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday deals, Black Friday and otherwise. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket and you’re eager to get started on some holiday shopping, here are some of my best recommendations! 



I’ve been drinking Isagenix shakes for about a year and a half now. I opened an account with them to get 25% off a few months ago and I’m really enjoying many of the limited edition flavors right now. I just bought a holiday bundle with Raspberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel flavored shakes. YUM. If you have started to think about getting into better shape after the holidays, keep the 30-day system in mind.

This is the current Black Friday special:

30 Day System normally $269
20% Black Friday Discount
– $215.2 + tax + $29 wholesale membership
– Start w/2 Friends get $150 back

There has never been a better time to start! DM me on Instagram if you are curious and want more info. 


Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop. I just bought a few things on there this morning, actually. There are tons of Black Friday deals going on today including this smart watch  my hubby just bought last week (should have waited, dang it!) Most of the things I love on Amazon aren’t a Black Friday special, but I linked you to some recent awesome buys I’ve made there!  

I’ve gathered WAY too many beauty products since I’ve had this blog, so a couple years ago I decided to cut WAY back. I now have restrictions on what I’ll buy. I prefer fragrance free, and I’ll often shop as natural, organic, clean, etc. as possible. I’m not completely perfect and I still love a good Urban Decay palette (not clean) so I’m a work in progress. However, little by little I am trying to make changes for good. I am obsessed with Bite Beauty lipsticks (clean), am testing out a new green beauty eye cream, and right now I’m searching for a cleaner foundation. I’ve had a lot of misses along the way but I decided to give Beauty Counter a whirl. I like the idea of getting a constant discount on products I love. I have their Tint Skin on the way to me in the mail right now. Have you tried this brand yet? Send me your recommendations so I know what to try! If you want to give it a try, they have 15% off plus free shipping on all orders over $50 today! 

My favorite fragrance right now is Améline by Phlur. I’m obsessed with their fragrances because they are eco-friendly, green and a healthy alternative to other toxic perfumes. Grab a sample pack of 3 perfumes for $5 off

Last but not least, I recently downloaded the Honey App extension. I am completely obsessed with it. It pops up every time I’m about to make a purchase and tells me if I can get a coupon code or better deal. I just used it yesterday when I was buying a plane ticket and saved $45. I used it for my Christmas cards too. Freaking obsessed! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and happy shopping! Tell me about all the deals you are going to get in the comments!




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