Cigarettes and chocolate milk

Anyone else totally digging up old bad habits or new weird vices during these strange times? I know I have. The other day the words to a Rufus Wainwright song came to mind and I decided I wanted to share some of my strange new habits.

cigarettes and chocolate milk

these are just a couple of my cravings

everything it seems i like’s a little bit stronger

a little bit thicker a little bit harmful for me

-Rufus Wainwright

A lot of the stuff I’ve been into during the pandemic has just been undoing my healthier options I’d previously switched over to a better option. Why? I don’t know. I need to start finding more joy in what I know I like and prefer more when I’m not turtling up in my house for months on end. But for now, here are some of my indulgences:

essential oils in my diffuser >> burning delicious toxic candles from B&BW

seltzer water >> the cool, bitter burn of an ice cold Diet Coke

working out consistently >> sitting on my ass and reposting stupid memes during my constant social media scrolls

blogging as a creative release >> using as little brainpower as possible by watching 10 years worth of tv in a few months time

brewing coffee every morning at home >> going out for drive through coffee nearly daily just because I need an excuse to leave the damn house

Other probably bad vices include shopping for stuff I really have no reason to shop for when I can’t go anywhere or plan anything fun in the near future.

becoming obsessed with finding the perfect foundation formula despite the fact that any time I go out in public I’m wearing a mask

becoming obsessed with finding some new perfumes to love and buying several…I mean SEVERAL. this one I’ll stand behind because a soothing scent brings me a lot of comfort right now. but still…weird and unnecessary

becoming obsessed with finding sparkly eyeshadow toppers in all different shades

making sure something is ALWAYS on its way to my door from Amazon…doesn’t even matter what it is. probably a book I won’t read for several months because I’m always buying them faster than I can read them

Random crap that doesn’t really fit a category:

having a ridiculous bedtime routine with multiple steps including spraying on perfume (either gourmand or citrus/herbal scent depending on my mood). yes, perfume to bed

getting into political arguments on social media with people (usually I avoid this)

keeping up with the goings-on in my neighborhood with our ding dong ditch problem and political sign stealing problem (usually don’t engage in the BS but our sign did get stolen)

Shows I’ve been obsessed with…Usually I don’t ever watch TV:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Jane the Virgin

currently seeking new binge watch…taking suggestions

This post would TOTALLY not be complete with a list of random crap that I’ve been obsessed with eating:

chocolate covered bananas

Home Run Inn pizza

greek nachos

chocolate chips straight from the bag, eaten by the handful whilst hiding in the pantry

Le Sigh…everything it seems I like’s a little bit stronger, a little bit thicker, a little bit harmful for me…

All in all though, I’m at peace with some of my slip ups. I don’t know anyone who is rocking at life and meeting all their goals right now. Is that even the point of life, to always be killin’ it in every area? I think sometimes we need to take a deep breath and just do our best, even if that doesn’t look very good. Sometimes self-care means being non-striving and taking time to just “be.”

Any pandemic-vices you care to share? Solidarity, yo. Hit me with your outrageous habits…I can’t wait to hear!

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