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Organic to Green Coco Oils at Ulta

If you have been tracking any trends in the beauty industry in the past five years you know that coconut oil everything has been all the rage. It’s a really great ingredient in skincare and makeup removers, and I even use it to cook with! If you’re a believer of…

5 Tips for Moving Toward a Natural Lifestyle

Since having kids, I’ve been a little more concerned with leading a more natural lifestyle. I don’t think I’ll ever go ALL organic but I have started to wonder about the long term effects of cleaning with harsh chemicals, wearing perfume, and other things in recent years. I have started…

January Beauty Buys 2016

Despite my best intentions to write up a “best of 2015” post, the month of January has gotten away from me. I am switching gears and filling you in on my beauty purchases this month instead. These are a conglomeration of things I discovered at the very beginning of this…

How to Drink More Water

Happy New Year! I remember this time last year standing in the grocery store, thinking about all the changes I wanted to make in my life in 2015. I remember thinking- this will be the year I get healthy. This will be the year I am better with money. This…

Young Living Essential Beauty Serum for Dry Skin

I’ve used essential oils for a lot of things: teething remedy, help with night terrors, avoiding the flu, and to get myself to drink more water. Even to get my husband not to snore as much! But recently I decided to dive in and try some of their skincare.  I own…

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