Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick {review}

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Buxom is a line I don’t mention much but I love it. I first discovered them a few Christmases ago when I bought their holiday lip gloss set on a whim. It quickly became a favorite because of its plumping qualities, how great it looked on me, and the versatility of the glosses. I’ve kept my eye on Buxom the last couple years, and even bought their Big and Healthy Lip Polish set again this year. When I was in Sephora last week, I noticed they came out with some new lipsticks. I thought about them for a few days and went back to purchase two! Here are my thoughts…

 Love the packaging! I didn’t snap a pic of the tubes, but they are like huge barrels. They are jumbo. The product inside is about what you’d expect to get with any lipstick. In other words- jumbo applicator, normal sized product.
Top- Exhibitionist
Bottom- Hooligan
I also wanted Swinger but needed to control my spending urges. Swinger is a bit on the purple side so can make your teeth look yellowy so be careful with that guy. These two are perfect though!

Me wearing Hooligan. This is a perfect holy grail every day shade for me. I know it’s kind of plain, but I love it! It’s the kind of shade that would be perfect to throw in your purse because it goes with every makeup look out there. I would describe it as a warm rosy neutral, and Buxom describes it as a mauve plum. I love shades that I don’t have to think about that you can swipe on regardless of how the rest of your makeup looks.
This is me wearing Exhibitionist. Love me a hot pink! This is a great shade to wear with my new MAC blush in Pink Swoon (which is what I’m wearing above in the pic). It’s such a lovely color for Spring and I knew I had to have it! Buxom describes it as a bright fuchsia.
Now that I’m looking on Buxom’s website, I’m finding that these lipsticks come in 10 shades whereas my local Sephora store only had 6 on display I wonder if some of the deeper shades are being saved for fall displays (or if I’m just batty and didn’t see them). 
According to Buxom:

Indulge your rebellious side with this creamy lipstick infused with dual-action hyaluronic spheres that help plump your pout and provide major hydration. It glides on effortlessly for full-coverage with a seductive satin finish and soft-cushion, no-tingle sensation. Now go on, get it on…enrapture yourself in a full-bodied experience.

According to Me:

These are so ultra hydrating, and even after several hours of wear I have some color left to my lips. There is no tingle, just soft and velvety color on my lips. I love this! For $21 a tube it is a bit steep, but I love it so I don’t care! I can’t wait to pick up more of these awesome colors. 
Which is your fave between Exhibitionist and Hooligan? Which should I spring for next?

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  1. 4.4.13

    Hooligan reminds me of Tarte exposed a little bit. Looks gorgeous on you!! <3

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