Buttery, Pigmented, Green Beauty Blush & Highlight Duos!


In my quest for cleaner beauty options, I have been really amazed by the quality of so much that is out there. Not that many years ago, I felt like if you wanted to go greener with your makeup, you would have to settle for a lesser product all around: something that didn’t last long, didn’t look as nice, and was more expensive. The bar has been raised, and I couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, if you read my post on beauty products I can’t live without, almost all of them are green! There are a lot of excellent options out there right now and I’m pleased to say I stumbled upon an amazing blush/highlight duo that I think stands up to the likes of Nars Dual Intensity Blush

With cream and powder options both available, Kosås Cosmetics really nailed these duos! 

Longitude Zero Pressed is a gorgeous pink rose blush. To me, a flush that makes me look fresh, healthy and natural is my perfect every day shade. I’ve been obsessed with wearing this and even when I try out a different highlighter (I have a bunch of new ones on my desk right now) I am always reaching for this for my cheeks.

I can’t believe how pigmented this is in one swipe. This powder is so soft and finely milled and can be built in intensity. It’s definitely matte but there is nothing flat about it: it has a lot of hydrating ingredients like jojoba and moringa oils, rice bran, and rosemary extract and applies like silk! I am also very impressed by how natural the highlighter looks. Even though it’s a powder it doesn’t make my cheeks look dry and scaly. It can be built to be bold or stay subtle. My favorite type of highlighter is one that can meet my needs no matter the occasion! 

I love a great cream blush and Kosas really nailed it with the Velvet Melon Color & Light Creme. These are so soft and beautiful and creamy, and they just melt into the skin because of the facial oil infusion of marula, rosehip seed, grape seed, green tea, and myrrh. I love how a good juicy peach shade looks on my fair skin and how youthful and awake I look when I wear it. The highlighter is the perfect champagne shade that flatters me super well. Too icy or too gold and it wouldn’t have been a favorite. This one is just right and I love that they’re duos so it takes the guess work out of my makeup routine when I already know what to pair the blush with! 
I am impressed by the pigmentation in these cream products, since I typically associate a cream with being more sheer. These are definitely buildable too so depending on the intensity you are looking for you could really go all out. I use my fingertips to apply and blend out with a sponge as needed. 

 I’ve become more and more conscious about what is in my makeup over the years and I love that Kosås pays attention to these details too. They source ingredients for two reasons (extreme nourishment and supreme luxury) and choose the ones that allow them to be both. Their line is crafted in Los Angeles and is free of preservatives and synthetic fragrances. 

Kosås Does Not Contain

Mineral Oil
Propylene Glycol
Polyethylene Glycol
Vitamin A, retinoids, or retinoid derivatives

*All products are gluten, egg, nut, soy and cruelty free.

I tend to get more use out of powder products in the cooler months, and cream products in the warmer months. For that reason, you can see me wearing Longitude Zero here. I’m obsessed! 

If you are shopping for some high quality, cruelty-free, American made makeup with less toxic ingredients I think you should give this brand a try. I am also obsessed with their lipsticks. Udon and Rosewater are two of my favorites.

Have you heard of this brand before? 

 Green Beauty Blush/Highlight Duos: Some of the best and most pigmented, buttery blush/highlights out there!

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