Books I Want to Read in 2022

I bought A LOT of books in 2021, and didn’t come close to even opening most of them. For a while there, buying an interesting book was my way of self soothing when everything seemed to be coming down around me. 2021 was a heavy year for many reasons, and 2022 isn’t shaping up to be much better, covid-wise. I’ve had to mourn a lot of things that I won’t be able to have or do based on the state of the world right now, and reading has been the perfect escape.

There are a lot of books I want to read! I went back to school for a mixture of writing and psychology studies, and found myself reading a lot of books on feminism in 2021. Some of the reads last year spurred me to dig deeper into these topics and expand on why things are the way they are in the world. Evangelical corruption, burning witches at the stake, patriarchal ideals, inherited trauma, and how our culture characterizes beauty have been fascinating themes for me recently that I’ve wanted to deep dive on in the new year. The psychology of why we are the way we are and how we can do better, be better, heal, be more mindful, connect with nature and each other more, etc. has been on the forefront. I also want to read more fiction. When I took my writing courses the last two semesters, I became entranced by reading fiction short stories from different points of view. I find I get a lot out of reading fiction from a reader’s and a writer’s perspective. All of the ideas I’ve listed above are reflected in most of my book choices below.

I’ve chosen to link to, where I’ve built my own little list on their site of all of the books I hope to read this year. I hope you’ll choose to purchase on that site (with or without my links) if you take interest in one of these books. I almost exclusively shop small when it comes to buying books these days. As much as I can help it, I don’t love to support Amazon and would rather help at a local level. The beauty of is you can pick which bookstore your purchase benefits. You could choose a place near you, a black-owned bookstore, or whatever your heart desires. I’m currently linking to a bookstore in Winona, MN.

I hope to write reviews or at least weigh in on books after I read them on my site, so check back if you are curious. Please link me to what you hope to read this year as well! Whether I end up going through with most of these, or not, I think it’s good to plan in advance the words and themes you want floating around in your head. There is a lot I want to learn to grow as a human being that I think will be found within the pages of these books. And that includes fiction: I want more enjoyment and escape from life this year as well.

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  1. Witchhunt: A Traveler’s Guide to the Power & Persecution of the Witch
  2. Who Cooked the Last Supper? The Women’s History of the World
  3. Witches, Midwives & Nurses
  4. The Best American Short Stories 2021
  5. Connected Fates, Separate Destinies: Using Family Constellations Therapy to Recover from Inherited Stories and Trauma
  6. Find Your Unicorn Space: Reclaim Creative Life in a Too Busy World
  7. Children Under Fire: An American Crisis
  8. The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure
  9. Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism
  10. Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience
  11. Love, Loss, and What I Wore
  12. Jesus & John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation
  13. Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids
  14. Girlhood
  15. The Heartbeat of Trees: Embracing Our Ancient Bond with Forests and Nature
  16. They Both Die at the End
  17. One Day in December
  18. The Lost Apothecary
  19. This Time Next Year
  20. Anxious People
  21. Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close
  22. Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion
  23. Free Food for Millionaires
  24. World of Wonders
  25. Dude, You’re A Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School
  26. How To Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy
  27. Creation Stories: Landscapes and the Human Imagination
  28. Priestdaddy: A Memoir
  29. The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women
  30. The Sum of Small Things: A Theory of the Aspirational Class
  31. The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
  32. Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual
  33. You Are Your Best Thing: Vulnerability, Shame Resilience, and the Black Experience
  34. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
  35. Blackout
  36. How To Do The Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self
  37. Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity
  38. Read Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids
  39. Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art
  40. The Five Archetypes: Discover Your True Nature and Transform Your Life and Relationships
  41. Hunt, Gather, Parent: What Ancient Cultures Can Teach Us about the Lost Art of Raising Happy, Helpful Little Humans
  42. Cassandra Speaks: When Women are the Storytellers, the Human Story Changes
  43. The Atmospherians
  44. Daring Greatly: : How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead
  45. Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents
  46. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
  47. The Great Indoors: The Surprising Science of How Buildings Shape Our Behavior, Health, and Happiness
  48. I Didn’t Do The Thing Today: Letting Go of Productivity Guilt
  49. The Gnome Stories: Stories
  50. I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness
  51. Hungry Hearts: Essays on Courage, Desire, and Belonging
  52. Toxic Positivity: Keeping It Real in a World Obsessed with Being Happy

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