Blow Dry Your Hair in Less Than Half the Time

I have a lot of hair and it takes a lot of time to blow dry. I’ve always wondered why it takes me 45 minutes to blow dry my hair, when the salon can do it in 15? It hardly seems fair that I can’t blow dry my hair as fast as they can…after all it’s MY hair. I have the fancy ionic blow dryer, I have all the fancy hair products…so what gives?

The information I’m about to share with you will straight up blow your mind. All you need is the 
Moroccanoil Ionic Ceramic Round Brush, heat protectant, and your blow dryer. That’s it! 

Moroccanoil sells several different sizes of their Ionic Ceramic Round Brush. The bigger the better for me, because my hair is really long, but shorter haired ladies would love the smaller sizes! 

Moroccanoil® Ionic Ceramic Round Brush is an ideal tool to create shape, enhance curls, and help add volume. Tourmaline ceramic and Ionic technology help reduce frizz and static, cut down on drying time, improve condition and increase shine. 

While my hair is still wet I like to apply heat protectant spray to my hair before adding the extreme heat of the blowdryer. Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection is a great choice. I also like to use their Moroccanoil Treatment in my hair while it’s still wet. The latter isn’t always a necessary step though- I’ve been doing lots of hair masks lately and I find that when I do a hair mask I’m fine without the extra treatment. I always spring for the Heat Styling Protection spray though!

As I blow dry my hair, I like to take the round brush and work it underneath the layers of my hair, and roll the brush under. It’s kind of tricky to maneuver at first, but I promise it gets easier! The center core of the brush heats up rather quickly and works in conjunction with your blowdryer to dry hair in a hurry. My suggestion is to split hair into sections around your head with a clip and blow dry each section one at a time. That’s what I did and it took around 15 minutes! I couldn’t believe it.

When you’re finished, you can leave it as is, or finish off the Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray. It leaves the most gorgeous sheen on my hair without feeling greasy and smells really nice too!

Do you have any tricks for getting your hair to dry faster? I would love to hear them. Especially as winter inches closer, I like my hair to be dry as quickly as possible so I don’t freeze!

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