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While trying to figure out what my current manicure reminded me of, I turned to Pinterest. I was thinking it was like a bronze sunset, but had to find the perfect one. The picture above captured exactly my sentiments about my current polish shade- lots of depth, gorgeous, and multi colored. Definitely summery. Perhaps it’s fitting that when I looked up that picture to give the person credit, I found out that it was taken in Winona, MN at sunset- that’s only 30 minutes from my hometown and I’ve driven that road many times. 
Bit Faker & Sunbaker
This absolutely gorgeous duo reminds me so much of summery fun times. Beyond summer, I’m sure the colors would look great as we head into fall as well- the gold would look great year round, and the orangey shade is gorgeous for fall inspired looks. In real life, Bit Faker was named after a full bronze glitter inspired from a tan from a can. Sun Baker was named after those who bake a little too long outside and end up with an unnaturally tanned hue (*cough*snookie*cough*)
I’m just loving these shades for summer. When I wear them now, I will be thinking of driving in Winona, MN in a car with the top down and no worries in the world. These shades are the epitome of summer. If you can’t wait to get your hands on them (to get them on your hands) pick them up anywhere butter LONDON is sold. They are part of the 2013 Summer Collection.
What’s your favorite of the two shades? I just can’t get enough of the Sunbaker!

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  1. 5.10.13

    Oooh sunbaker is gorgeous.

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