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I had an online Sephora cart going for weeks and I kept pulling things in and out of it. There are so many launches I want to try right now but I’ve been making an effort to be more selective about what I will add to my makeup stash these days. I knew I wanted a Bite Beauty Multistick, but I only wanted to spring for one or two rather than several! I went back and forth, looked at swatches online, read reviews, and changed my mind every time I looked online but finally settled on the shade Biscotti, what I would describe as a nude rosy brown shade.

Bite Beauty Multistick in Biscotti reviewBite Beauty Multistick in Biscotti review 2There were a few reasons I wanted to try this. I’m completely obsessed with Bite Beauty and I’m always hopping on their new launches. I have always been hoping they would dabble in a product that wasn’t just a lipstick since that’s what their whole line has been up to this point, so it was kind of an answered dream for me. And lastly, I’m about to have baby #3 (due next Friday) and I was wanting to try a multi-use product that performed really well so I could have a coordinated and easy look while only keeping a few items on my bathroom counter. I’ve been keeping it simple lately with my makeup (probably annoyingly so- I’m starting to crave colors and smoky eyes after a long summer of easy and barely there makeup) and something like this was the perfect addition to my stash. 

These sticks are supposed to apply like a cream and wear like a powder and can be applied with a finger or a brush on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. The shades are universal so they are supposed to be great on every person of every skintone. These are 35% powder and silicone-free so the idea is that they dry and set well without being smeary and gross. 
Bite Beauty Multistick in Biscotti review 4I applied this to my lips straight from the tube and used a dense blush brush similar to this brush to apply to cheeks after it sweeping it across the top of the bullet. I applied it straight to my lids with this brush without using primer, and used this brush to apply underneath my lash line as a liner. I was astonished that it lasted equally long on me everywhere I put it, and it was incredibly long wearing! I built the color on my lids in layers but kept it pretty thin and found that it spread really easily and was very easy to diffuse with a brush. It didn’t get patchy on my cheeks, and it was long wearing on my lips too. I’ve never found a multi-use product that worked this well and that I didn’t prefer on one area of my face to another! 

Bite Beauty Multistick BiscottiWhen I eventually went to touch up my lipstick, I ended up reaching for something else because I couldn’t find where I put this. I actually didn’t like the way this looked on my eyes and cheeks with a different lipstick shade. I was really digging the coordinating color match that I got all around with this and it threw me off to use something different! When I was doing my research on these I found that people were using multiple Multisticks at a time and that didn’t make much sense to me. If you’re not going to coordinate across the board with one of these, I figure why bother? They’re not cheap at $24 so I probably wouldn’t buy three or four to use within the same makeup look. I’m saving mine for days I feel like wearing one product only. 

It can also be hard to narrow down a color. I was looking for a neutral rose-brown shade and depending on whose skin tone and coloring I was looking at, this color looked dramatically different. I LOVE the way Biscotti looks on this model but it looks way darker on this model. Other people I saw wearing this shade looked really ruddy in it and it brought out the redness in their skin tone. I think you need to try this in store before buying or look up lots of reviews of people of your same skin undertone, hair color, etc. before springing for it. I am really happy with the shade I got!

Bite Beauty Multistick in Biscotti review 3If I spring for more of these, I want to try Nectar, Marscapone, and Macaroon! Those are the other shades that were in and out of my shopping cart. I am hoping for a holiday set with these from Bite. Ideally I can try several more shades in minis! ‘Tis the season to hold out on new makeup to see if they end up in a holiday set, right?!

Have you seen these in store yet? Are you loving them? Have you tried one?

Purchase the Multistick at Sephora.

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  1. 9.10.16
    Phyrra said:

    I bought one of these, Gelato, and love it! I bought Nectar and hated it, so I returned it. You look gorgeous in Biscotti.

    • 9.10.16
      justina said:

      I am surprised you didn’t like Nectar, that makes me want to try it in store before purchasing it. I suppose it could be really unflattering!

  2. 9.24.16

    You look beautiful in the photo! 🙂 I think i may need to add this to my wish list.

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