Bite Beauty BB for Lips Review

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Every time I take a trip to Sephora, the first section I walk by is Bite Beauty. I am in love with everything they have. At the moment, they only make lippies, but they do a lippie right, so it’s ok! I’m hoping that sometime in the future, they start carrying a makeup line. I would love to see that during the holidays! In the meantime, I am drooling over their BB for Lips. I have all 5 shades to show you today and I couldn’t be more excited! 

bite beauty lip bb creams.jpgNatural is clear. Flush is a light pink. Tawny is a dusty pink. Dolce is a deep purple. Suede is a light pink brown.

These go on the lips like butter. They are touted as a 5-in-1 lip balm- to repair, prime, protect, soften and enhance. I would absolutely agree with all of those claims. Because they are so buttery smooth, leave them in your purse and not your pocket so they don’t melt! These are perfect for every day wear. 

I can think of exactly where I would wear each of these. Dolce and Suede are perfect fall colors and a little bit deeper. Tawny looks AMAZING on my redheaded friend- pretty much holy grail status. I also love it for an every day lip color that I don’t need to look in the mirror to apply. Flush adds just the lightest possible tint to my natural lip color. Natural is clear and I’m going to be smearing this baby all over my lips in the winter before bed. 

bb lip cream swatches.jpgBite Beauty products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. They are created with natural and food-grade ingredients. For this reason and so many others, I am in love!

I have plans to feature these in my summer lip series, so keep your eye out. These will be mentioned more than once. And by the looks of these, in many favorites posts down the line as well! 

Have you tried Bite Beauty yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!?


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  1. 7.25.14

    Such a great lippie. I am loving Suede as my go to and Natural is for sure the best. Simple, Easy and so quick. Great post girl!!

    • 7.27.14
      Justina said:

      Thank you!

  2. 7.26.14

    I like how dolce looks

  3. 7.26.14

    I need more Bite Beauty lippies. I want Dolce!

    • 7.27.14
      Justina said:

      That shade would look awesome on you!

  4. 7.26.14

    These look so amazing

  5. 7.26.14
    Phyrra said:

    Thanks for the swatches!

  6. 7.26.14

    Oh, I want them all! <3

  7. 7.27.14
    Laura said:

    way more sheer than I thought they would be!

    • 7.27.14
      Justina said:

      I agree! I was surprised they weren’t more intense but I still love them!

  8. 7.27.14

    Pretty shades! Flush and Tawny are my favorites from these.

  9. 7.28.14
    Cosmetic Sanctuary said:

    Very sheer. I love their lippies for the bright and bold pigmentation and coverage, so not sure if I will get these or not

  10. 7.29.14

    It’s interesting using the BB thing because aside from it not at all relating to skin, the shades are really sheer. Traditionally BB is an opaque finish so I would of liked to see them carry that through to this product. However, they are pretty.

  11. 7.31.14
    Amber said:

    These are so gorgeous!

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