Best Under Eye Concealer for Dark Circles over 30

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Once I hit 30, I became less interested in testing out certain categories of beauty products. My skin is aging and I just want to use what works! I keep a simple and mostly non-toxic skincare routine, and I’ve been using the same two concealers on rotation for a couple years. Recently I’ve noticed my eyes have been looking extra allergy-puffy and it has been accentuating the dark circles that I have. Today I took a trip to Sephora and tested out a couple things to find a solution. I’ve stumbled upon the best under eye concealer duo for dark circles over 30!

Best color correcting concealer for dark circles, over 30.

Use an eye cream

The first step to making your eyes look youthful is eye cream. My current eye cream is bareMinerals Age Defense & Renew. Find something that softens fine lines, hydrates the area, and makes you look refreshed and renewed!

Use a color correcting concealer

This is the crucial step I have been missing in my routine. I just started using the Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Peach. It’s not non-toxic, but I’m all about that 80/20 life and sometimes mama just wants to look GOOD and need some extra help. With age, I’ve noticed that I need something with a thin texture that doesn’t settle in fine lines, and I need something to mask the dark circles.

Color correcting concealer duo

My favorite concealers

I tend to choose my concealer for the day based upon my foundation. I’ll layer a touch of one of these over top of my color corrector. Here are some of my favorites I have on repeat:

bareMinerals Bare Skin Concealer: Pairs well with any foundation, looks like real skin, and wears well on it’s own for spot correcting.

Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Concealer Fluid: A great hydrating formula that pairs well with full coverage makeup. It’s basically the better looking sister for Shape Tape!

Osmosis Age Defying Concealer Stick: A brightening, anti-aging concealer with a hydrating stick attached to refresh your makeup without reapplying. Love!

I’m really loving the difference a color correcting concealer makes in my under-eye situation. Have you tried this method to conceal your dark circles? What did you think?

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