The Best Rose Fragrances

I am fragrance obsessed. I don’t think I realized exactly how many I had before I moved this past time and wrapped everything in bubble wrap in preparation only to realize I could fill an entire medium sized moving box just with perfumes. OY! I have been weeding through and tossing old ones and donating ones that I feel I can live without, but one category that will remain untouched is my rose fragrances. I LOVE rose perfume. I have compiled some of my favorites here for you today.

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L’Occitane Roses et Reines came out this past summer. You can read my review here. L’Occitane is one of my all time favorite lines and rose is one of my all time favorite scents so it’s like a marriage between my two favorite things! This particular rose scent is light and fresh and so perfect for every day. I have the full size already and even though I’ve barely put a dent in it since it’s newer to my collection, I already had to buy the rollerball. I don’t want to ever travel without it if I can help it! It has notes of bergamot, blackcurrant leaves, Grasse rose, Bulgarian rose, Moroccan rose, Turkish rose, Haute-Provence rose, and raspberry. Seriously…all the roses. So much rose here.

roses et reines perfume


Last winter, I had a Groupon for The Body Shop. Seriously one of my favorite stores ever. Anyway, I had to spend a certain amount in order to get the deal (when has that EVER been a problem for me?) and that’s when I found the White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Parfum. It’s got a surprising amount of depth and smells so sultry. It surprises me because I usually only think of finding really awesome, long lasting, unique, high quality fragrances for top dollar prices or at department stores, but this is so reasonable at $24 and it still fits the bill! The Body Shop is always running a deal too so you will probably never end up paying that much. This is a seductive musk and some of the notes are black smoky rose and tobacco flower. It’s also cruelty free!

white musk smoky roseA year or so ago, I got absolutely hooked on Thymes Kimono Rose perfume. I only have a small rollerball of the scent so I was wearing it sparingly so I would never run out. Also, someone should hit me with a 2×4 if I ever talk about buying a full size perfume EVER because I have way too many. So, rollerballs it is. But seriously this stuff is the bomb. It’s sweet and soft at the same time and my nose says it’s an even mix of rose and jasmine. Jasmine is maybe the only scent I love as much as rose, so the two mixed together equals heaven to me. The notes found here are rose, peony, jasmine, clementine, black currant, and vanilla. If you don’t like sweet you probably won’t like this.

thymes kimono rose perfumeAnd last but not least, ending on a classic with Lancome’s Tresor. There are many variations on this scent but this is the old classic. This scent has a lot to it- there are many different layers and I find myself smelling different parts of it at different times of the day. After it dries down, there is a powdery scent that lingers with me. This is a scent you either love or hate. It’s definitely a classic and a major fixture to Lancome’s line. I love all things Lancome! The notes found here are apricot blossom, rose, lilac, iris, peach, amber, sandalwood, musk and vanilla. There are lots of florals and lots of deeper sensuous elements as well. I would wear this for fancy and dressing up because it’s a more sophisticated scent.tresor perfume

All in all, the way I think of these scents is as follows (but fragrance is a form of expression so where it how you want!)

L’Occitane Roses et Reines- every day year round

The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose- every day scent in the winter months

Thymes Kimono Rose on a day date

Lancome Tresor- dress up, date night, fancy stuff

If you’re curious about my jewelry pictured above- my clear rhinestone brooch is an antique from my great grandma, the red earrings are available here (in stock in green right now but you can call to order a different color) and the necklace is an old-ish Jessica Simpson piece that I can’t find online! 




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  1. 10.6.14

    Lovely post! I love rose scents in body wash and lotions, but I haven’t given them a fair shot in fragrances. I should! I remember reading your review of the L’Occitane fragrance during the summer. I adore your red earrings!

  2. 10.6.14

    I prefer clean scents myself but some of my friends wear these.

  3. 10.6.14

    I’m a big fan of the Body Shop’s White Musk scent, and there’s another version of it I love. Those are the scents that get me every time! Love this post!

  4. 10.6.14
    Ange said:

    Ahhh I want all of these! The packaging is so pretty!

  5. 10.6.14
    Leelo R said:

    Those earring look gorgeous!

  6. 10.6.14

    Thymes makes some of the most wonderful scents, so underrated!

  7. 10.6.14

    I am in love with the L’Occitane Rose fragrance!

  8. 10.6.14

    Ahh, I want that necklace! I have Tresor, it’s lovely. Reminds me of when Isabella Rossalini was the face of Lancôme.

  9. 10.6.14

    Rose fragrances are nice when they’re not overpowering!

  10. 10.7.14

    I love rose scents too and I’m actually wearing L’Occitane Rose De Champs today! Another personal fave is Bulgari Rose Essentiale.

  11. 10.7.14
    Mai said:

    I wish I liked rose scents but I get the worst “old lady” vibe no matter which one I try!

  12. 10.7.14
    Sheila said:

    I love rose scents and was all about Stella McCartney back in the day!

  13. 10.7.14

    I love rose scents, but not big on wearing them… but I think I’ll give some of these a try.

  14. 10.7.14
    Phyrra said:

    I need to smell that body shop scent!

  15. 10.7.14
    Destany said:

    I’m not much on flowery fragrances. I have NO idea why haha

  16. 10.7.14

    OT, of course, but OMG I love that necklace!

  17. 10.7.14
    Lisa Heath said:

    Rose is one of the few scents that I can’t get use to! I think I’ve only ever found 2 that worked with me

  18. 10.7.14

    Your photos look incredible!

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