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I thought it would be fun to start a series where I talk about “best of” several different brands that I love. benefit is a brand that I discovered in college around the same time I discovered Sephora. I absolutely love most of their stuff. A few items on this list are new loves and a few I’ve been using forever. Read on for the details.
1.  “Take A Picture…It Lasts Longer…”
This product is a new found love and something I’ve just recently bought. A velvety pouf is stored inside a tin of light pink glimmery balm. Spread over my collarbone, chest, arms, and down the fronts of my legs this gives me just a hint of a glisten that reminds me of another product from benefit- High Beam. “Take a Picture” is to legs what “High Beam” is to cheekbones. There is a touch of fragrance in this balm as well, and I find that it competes with my perfume a little bit unless I’m wearing something fresh, light, and floral.

2.  Creaseless Cream Shadow
Pictured above are two of my all time favorite eyeshadow shades, RSVP and My Two Cents. Unfortunately, benefit recently discontinued most of their creaseless shades and replaced the packaging with something more bulky, marked the price up, and took out half the colors I love. RSVP is an old favorite and one of the few shadows I’ve run out of and re purchased several times. Flatter Me was another absolute favorite that’s now discontinued (seriously, FML), and My Two Cents was a new discovery this year for me. I really like the polished copper shade in My Two Cents, but the color selection is not as vibrant this time around for these shades, which is leading me to check out MUFE’s selection.

3.  High Beam 
This is yet another product that I’ve run out of (it took a couple years) and ran out to repurchase it right away. Moon Beam and Sun Beam are other shades for cheekbone highlighting that I own, but High Beam’s my favorite. It’s an iridescent, sheer, pink that looks gorgeous on the cupid’s bow, brow bone, and cheek bones. My only gripes are that it comes in a nail polish-like bottle that is kind of a pain, and the full size bottle is so huge that it literally could take you over two years to get through an entire bottle if you used it every day.  At that point, it may have dried up before it’s gone, which I think was the case last time I repurchased it. I question the sanitation of applying something to your already made up face and putting that very brush back into the bottle…every day for as long as the bottle lasts. Anyway, that aside, this stuff is amazing and you should try to pick up a mini in one of the gift sets they have. You won’t be sorry!

4. Erase Paste- Light and Medium
Can you believe I know someone who actually writes off their use of Erase Paste as a business expense because it helps her look more awake when she meets with clients early in the morning? If that sounds laughable to you, it’s only because you haven’t tried it. This was my first product from this line that I ever tried and I’ve been hooked since. It’s pricey, at $26 a tub, but lasts forever. I used to wear the medium shade, but I think mixing light and medium together gives me a more perfect match for my skin tone. The brightening qualities in this concealer make it a must for the under eye area and any redness in blemishes. I recently purchased the Boing concealer to see how it compares so watch for a post.

5.  Brow Zings- Dark
I can’t vouch for any color besides the dark, but when I have my hair dyed super dark, it’s my go to brow shade. I don’t really like the tools it comes with for filling in your brows, but they’d work in a pinch. I prefer to use a bigger angled brush and dip the brush back and forth between the wax and the powder before applying to my eyebrow. I find that using the Brow Zings allows me to really shade my brows the way I want them! I have brow pencils I like too, but at least for the time being, I’ve liked filling them in with an angled brush and this product. I started using this on my brows about 3 months ago, and I’ve done it every day since. I’ve barely put a dent in the product. At this rate, it will probably last me forever!

6.  Fine One One
This is an awesome brightening blush and highlighter for fair skinned ladies. I love putting a stripe of it on each cheek and then swiping it in a circle on each cheek and blending it out. It’s a perfect and subtle shade, especially in the winter. As it gets warmer out and I develop a bit of a tan, I am finding that it blends into my skin too much unless I pile it on. This was my go to shade in the winter and I’m just pulling it back out again to play with this week. Although it’s not perfect on me right this second unless I layer it, I stand by how much I love this when I am looking really pale! It’s a very light and sheer coral that goes with just about anything.

These are just a few of my favorite selections! I also love their boxes of powders, although I only have a Coralista mini at the moment. I love their lip glosses that just got discontinued (but are on sale at Ulta!) and I love their velvet eyeshadow in “Where There’s Smoke” but didn’t want to include that in this list since it’s now discontinued. I like their Bad Gal Lash in Plum, but haven’t used it enough to determine if it was best of the best. In general, this brand has a lot of really great items that I would highly recommend, and those listed here are just a few that I have been really grooving with. They are repackaging, discontinuing, and going through a lot of changes lately, so hopefully they continue to have a lot of awesome products in the future…it’s going to be war if they ever discontinue Erase Paste or my RSVP creaseless shadow!

What’s your favorite benefit product?

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