What is the best foundation that looks just like real skin?


I was chatting with a friend the other day about how it’s SO HARD to find makeup that doesn’t make you look crazy once you’re over 30. My skin is in this weird in between phase where I definitely don’t look like a teenager anymore, but I’m not quite dealing with wrinkles yet. The skincare I reach for is helping me deal with both acne AND anti-aging. And the foundations that looked good on me five years ago look cakey, creasy, and just plain don’t work well for me anymore. I’ve also been battling terrible dermatitis for months, and although I finally have it under control, it took the better part of a year plus shaking up my entire skincare routine to get it that way.


It was actually my journey to find MY MIRACLE PRODUCT that led me to MY OTHER MIRACLE PRODUCT. Honey Savior seems to be perpetually out of stock, so I was searching for something to use in the meantime. The sales associate at Sephora introduced me to the Dr. Jart+ display, and I was checking out their Ceramidin Cream (which is amazing BTW!) Sometimes, I get a little cocky and feel like since I do this for a job, nobody could possibly tell me about a product I wouldn’t already know about. Well, I was wrong, and after playing a little bit at their display, I became hooked and decided I needed to own a foundation from this brand. 

What is the best foundation that looks just like real skin?

Best foundation that looks like real skin

I can truthfully say, my newest obsession in foundation, Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm is hands down the best thing my skin has met in a while.  This product was created to support anti-aging while hiding uneven skin tone and blemishes, so basically, for ME! It’s also perfect for sensitive skin, and has SPF 25. 


I love that I can use this in the same way that I can use other foundations of mine. I use about 2.5 pumps, wipe/pat it on and blend in with a beautyblender. I don’t have to learn the hokey pokey and turn myself around to figure out how to use this despite it being somewhat of a self-adjusting product that I thought would have a learning curve to use.

It’s only $36. I know that’s not dirt cheap by any stretch, but for how much I like it I’m super grateful that it doesn’t cost double that. Because I would probably feel compelled to pay however much I needed to for my skin to look amazing but also like I’m not wearing makeup.


The packaging is annoying. I’ve only owned this for about three weeks and I’m already having issues with the pump. The plastic casing is hard so it’s not like I can squeeze it or work it out easily. I have to shake it hard, and hope for the best. 

There is only ONE SHADE. It’s for light/medium skin. It comes out of the bottle looking darker than would work for me, and applies with a slightly grayish hue but somehow works its magic and by the time it’s worked in to my skin, it matches me perfectly. That being said, have you seen me recently? I’m LIGHT. I usually take one of the lightest foundation shades available to the range. So, it’s seriously disappointing that there are not more shades to choose from. I did read some of the reviews on Sephora.com and it seems like Black Label Detox is well liked, but there is definitely a need to expand upon the shade range for anyone with medium or deeper skin tones, as it applies chalky on them. Hear our pleas, Dr. Jart+! We want more shades! 


BTW: You NEED to try this lipstick. It’s only $8 and it’s my newest guilty pleasure, especially since I am convinced it’s the same formula as NARS Audacious but for wayyyy less. READ MY REVIEW from the other day. I am so glad I found these!

Have you found a favorite foundation/BB Cream that looks just like your skin and you can’t live without it? Tell me all the details in the comments!

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