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School has started which means that even though the official first day of Fall is not yet here, people are already pulling out their knee high boots, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are being served up at Starbucks, and everyone is rushing to find what they did with last year’s berry lipstick. Fun fact: the Autumnal Equinox (first day of Fall) is September 23rd, my daughter’s birthday. And the Vernal Equinox (first day of Spring) is March 20th, which is the day my husband proposed to me.

Anyhow, today I’m here to talk to you about my favorite fall fragrances. These are some truly yummy scents, some of which are newer and others of which are old favorites. I’ve been obsessed with perfume and lipstick in the last month or so and have many features containing my favorites in varying categories. Between closing on our new home (!) and having a baby any second here (!) I will be sure to post these all in the weeks to come! 

sofia vergera perfumeSofía by Sofia Vergara is my newest obsession in perfume. To be honest I don’t ever have high expectations for celebrity perfumes. I don’t think a lot of thought normally goes into them and a lot of them are overly sweet and smell cheap. When I’ve seen Sofia Vergara on TV, she has a very loud, outspoken personality and is over the top in everything she does. I would have thought a fragrance made with her in mind would have been *too much* for me in every way. And I couldn’t have been any more wrong! 

The bottle is absolutely beautiful, has beveled edges, and looks gorgeous on my vanity. The scent is slightly smoky/woody and sexy. It’s described as a juicy, oriental floral scent, but I am really getting the scent of rose, sandalwood, vanilla, and toasted praline that are found in the notes. This is just a beautiful scent and now that the air is feeling crisp and I am thinking Fall, I just want to wear it daily. I should mention I read that Sofia had a hand in making it too and that’s why some of the notes contain ingredients from Colombia, where she is from. 

Top notes: cassis buds, juicy black berries, luscious plum nectar

Mid Notes: Colombian rose, purple violet, Colombian luna musica orchid

Base notes: toasted praline, vanilla absolute, sandalwood

burberry brit perfumeBurberry Brit perfume is another long time Fall favorite of mine. This is another woodsy scent. I’ve had my bottle for a few years and I’m sure if I hang onto it for much longer, the scent will probably turn and I will need a new bottle. I bought this before my blogging days right around when I met my husband. I was working at a boutique and it was Fall and I kept spraying this, and I was at such a happy time in my life. I started spraying this just about every time I was at work and pretty soon I needed my own bottle.

It’s funny how I can’t always remember why I bought a certain makeup item, but I ALWAYS remember how a perfume became part of my life. This is truly a classic Fall scent for me, from the plaid on the bottle to the woodsy sexiness of the fragrance itself.

Notes: italian lime, icy pear, green almond, white peony, sugared almonds, amber, mahogany, vanilla, tonka bean

honeymania perfumeI got really into The Body Shop Honeymania when I was nursing my daughter. I love fragrance and didn’t want to give it up, but also didn’t feel totally comfortable wearing something I sprayed on my neck/chest area when I was going to be feeding her. I was searching for a more natural solution when I stumbled upon this scent. This is not a typical sweet, honey-like scent. This is a more powerful scent with some oomph behind it. They source the Community Fair Trade honey for this from the UNESCO Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserve in Ethiopia, where African bees distill the nectar of rainforest flowers to create a distinctive floral honey. After spritzing this, the scent seems to warm to my skin and intensify a little bit. It’s hard to describe and if you think it sounds like something you might like, stroll over to the store! I am always finding great coupons for The Body Shop and they are on Groupon a lot too! Lots of ways to get a good deal with them! 

katy perry royal revolutionA new favorite of mine is Katy Perry’s Royal Revolution. Last year I was loving Killer Queen but this year, Royal Revolution is where it’s at for me. The bottle is obviously gorgeous and makes a statement. It needs to be laid down on a vanity rather than stood up, so it takes up some space for sure. Let me tell you it’s way worth it! This is such a warm, enveloping scent on me. When I first saw the bright blue bottle I was thinking it would be bright, fresh,and fruity, but to me this is all Fall. Think of the blue as a “royal” blue- this scent really holds its own and is such a treat to wear. It’s great for day time or night time wear. 

Top notes: pink freesia, black thorn, pomegranate

Heart notes: orange flower, sandalwood, jasmine petals

Base notes: soft leather, skin musk, vanilla orchid

lady gaga fameIt’s making me slightly panicky that I can’t find this for sale hardly anywhere online anymore, because Lady Gaga Fame is one of my all time favorite perfumes ever. Thankfully, Fragrancenet is still carrying it, and on a killer sale too. If you’ve ever wanted to try this, buy it before it’s gone forever! This scent is completely intoxicating and I think I wore it every single day last Fall and Winter. The liquid inside is black, but it sprays clear and comes in a bottle that resembles a grenade. The notes are said to be perfectly balanced and certain notes come out at different times, making this a really unique fragrance. 

Notes: belladonna, orchid, saffron, incense, honey, apricot

apple bottoms perfumeThe last fragrance on my list is also hard to track down but if you can find it, it’s totally worth it. This is what I wore on my first date with my husband so I will always keep my bottle even if it turns icky. Now before you judge me for wearing a perfume called “Apple Bottoms,” hear me out! This is such a fresh and delicious, juicy fragrance. It reminds me of Fall and apple orchards. When I bought this I was working at the mall, and some of the ladies at the fragrance counter were trying to sell this and they wouldn’t let anyone read the name of the perfume before they smelled it. It’s so good and even though it’s named after women with big butts (apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club was looking at her) I swear it won’t make you want to go out clubbing like the song indicates.

Notes: apple blossoms, coconut, rose, sandalwood, cedar wood, amber, musk

These are some of my all time favorite Fall scents, and most of them are still readily available online, so shop below! What is your favorite or which would you be most interested in trying?


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  1. 9.8.14
    Alison said:

    I think I definitely need to try the Sofia by Sofia Vergara — it sounds like just what I’ve been looking for!

  2. 9.9.14
    Destany said:

    I’m truthfully a one scent type of gal. I pretty much wear the same scent day in and day out. Creature of habit!

  3. 9.9.14
    Miranda said:

    Def wanna try the honey one from the body shop– they’ve always got great sales going on!

  4. 9.9.14

    I have always associated celebrity fragrances with crap. Maybe it’s time to change my thinking if there are some good ones out there? I do like some cheaper perfumes (I have one I got from Hot Topic that I love, but don’t tell anybody, ok? lol) but my fave is Bottega Venetta.

  5. 9.9.14
    Jess Scull said:

    I need to try the new Katy Perry fragrance!

  6. 9.9.14
    NORAH said:

    I like Burberry Brit.

  7. 9.9.14

    I feel the same way about celebrity fragrances, but I am curious about Sofia’s!

  8. 9.9.14
    Phyrra said:

    Sofía by Sofia Vergara sounds awesome!

  9. 9.9.14

    IDK why but the Burberry bottles get me every time. Love them!

  10. 9.9.14

    I love Royal Revolution, I might try the Sophia fragrance too!

  11. 9.10.14
    Sheila said:

    I love your picks AND pics! Each of those bottles is very elegant.

  12. 9.10.14

    You made we want to buy Sofia Vergara, the perfume of course, haha! Lady Gaga was surprisingly nice too!

  13. 9.10.14
    betzy carmona said:

    I use to love the Burberry back in High School

  14. 9.10.14

    Oh! Fun fragrances!

  15. 9.10.14

    I want that Burberry one! It sounds like a scent I would love

  16. 9.10.14

    I smelled Royal Revolution in person the other day & lovedddd it!

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