Benefit Brow Styler Pencil & Powder Duo vs. POWMADE

Even though a more natural brow is “in” right now, I am still living in the 2016 trend of a completely filled in brow a la Anastasia Dip Brow. That tub of pomade lasted me years, and when I moved on from it, I swapped it out for Benefit Brow Zings (original no longer available). My favorite way to use Brow Zings was to tap into the wax and the powder sides interchangeably with a slanted brush, then paint it through my eyebrows to give them a bit more shape and fullness. For some reason they discontinued the formula and replaced it with a huge pro palette full of options for powders and pomades that is more in line with what a makeup artist needs than what an everyday consumer wants. For me, that was a pass because there are way too many color options and it’s too complicated.

Fast forward to the last year or so, and Benefit has two new brow products out:

Brow Styler Eyebrow Pencil & Powder Duo


POWMADE Waterproof Brow Pomade

I have been using these two products pretty much interchangeably and I wanted to share my opinions.

First of all- Brow Styler. This one is a love/hate relationship. Mostly hate TBH, because the product application sucks and I know it will eventually get discontinued. Let me explain. This product is actually perfect and it’s basically the discontinued Brow Zings in a pencil/powder form. I have shade 3.5, which is a neutral medium brown, and the perfect shade for me.

This product is a two-in-one wax-pencil and powder duo. The wax pencil can be used just like a regular eyebrow pencil. The powder side is loose powder that you shove the felt tip applicator in before applying. Benefit claims this is mess-free which is honestly BULLSHIT. Prepare to make a big mess all over your cheeks and face. If you can avoid this (you probably can’t) you will probably love the way your brows fill in with a soft and natural look. I love the way the Brow Styler makes my brows look, and I do take the time to futz with it and get rid of the fallout. But, the packaging on the filling powder is TERRIBLE and I guarantee they will eventually yank this from the shelves. My hope is that they hear my whining and just give us back the original damn Brow Zings. It’s the same thing, basically, but it’s way more efficient and no mess at all!

Ok- now for the POWMADE! This is easily my favorite eyebrow product. Again, I wear 3.5 and it’s a perfect match. But what’s the best part? Honestly…it’s the rim around the edge that allows you to brush off excess product. How has this only just become a thing with the advent of this product? It’s seriously the addition to the pomade pot that nobody knew we needed until it was here. It works exactly like Anastasia Dip Brow in every way, with the only discernible difference being the lip on the edge that I can’t live without.

Oops- Blurry swatch. Left two swatches are the loose powder and wax pencil swatches of the Benefit Brow Styler. The right two swatches are (L) Benefit Brow POWMADE and (R) Anastasia Dip Brow

Is it waterproof like it claims to be? I don’t know, and I also didn’t test it for that, but I can attest that it’s sweat proof. I have been to the gym while wearing it and it looks just as good before as it does after. To apply this to my brows, I usually use the Anastasia angled brow brush. It’s my favorite for brows! The Benefit angled brow brush looks exactly the same.

Wearing POWMADE in shade 3.5

When I am looking to do a full brow, I’m always reaching for one of these products. If I’m in a huge rush, I’ll often reach for the Kosas Air Brow (I wear Medium Brown) and/or the Kosas Brow Pop in the same shade.

Do you have any of these brow products? Do you like them? Share with me if I missed talking about your favorite!

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