Bellåpierre Mineral Makeup Review

Ever heard of Bellápierre Mineral Makeup? I recently saw it on sale at TJ Maxx and it sparked my memory that I wanted to post a review on this makeup line. 
I tried their Brown Eyed Girl palette, Mirabela palette, Compact Mineral Foundation in Latte and Compact Mineral Bronzer in Peony. The foundation went on a little thicker and chalkier than I had wanted, and the bronzer was more like a highlighter/blush on me, but I loved the palettes! 
Compact Mineral Foundation in Latte, Compact Mineral Bronzer in Peony

Bellapierre Compact Mineral 5-in-1 Foundation

Bellapierre Compact Foundation contains only four mineral ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, and is gentle on all skin types. Bellapierre Foundation also multi-tasks as a concealer, finishing powder and setting powder, with SPF 15 – offering a groundbreaking 5-In-1 foundation. Ultra lightweight, these foundations allow the skin to breathe and look natural and radiant. Available in ten shades of loose or compact. (MSRP: $64.99)

I think this is a majorly steep price for a foundation, but those who like it feel it’s well worth it. I have seen pictures online of people using this to cover up some major acne and it looks natural and beautiful on them. On me, it looks very cakey and thick. 

Bellapierre Compact Mineral Face & Body Bronzer

Bellapierre Mineral Face & Body Bronzers provide skin with a healthy, sun-kissed glow and instantly create a natural looking tan with SPF. Available in four shades of loose and compact. Perfect for all skin tones. (MSRP: Mineral $40.00 / Compact $39.99)

I liked this a lot! It’s really shimmery so it needs to be used sparingly, but applied correctly I think it gives a beautiful glow. 

Brown Eyed Girl palette:  003 Champagne, 008 Lava, 055 Diligence
…it was hard to get a good swatch because the shades were so shimmery!

In this picture, I’m wearing the peony bronzer as well as the Brown Eyed Girl palette. I like the natural look it gives! 
Swatches from the Mirabela palette

The eyeshadows seem underwhelming in the pan and look like a flat powder. When they are applied they seem to blossom into a creamy and amazing shimmery texture. I really like the way they look when swatched, but even after repeated uses, in the pan they don’t look like much.

I think these shadows are gorgeous and are obviously colors you’d find a use for on a daily basis in your makeup routine. You can never go wrong with browns, champagnes, and purples. All are flattering tones on nearly everybody.

Have heard of Bellápierre Mineral Makeup? They’d be worth checking out if you’re in the market for natural beauty products!

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