Beauty Graveyard- October

Everyone does posts on their favorite beauty products every so often, me included, but sometimes those posts seem so redundant. My favorites don’t change that much. I mostly use what I love, or what I’m sent for review. Lately, I have felt really wasteful, because I have a bunch of half used, or partly used products laying around, and I just keep opening new stuff and not using up anything.

I’m trying to change that, so I decided to keep track of all of the beauty products I go through over the span of several months. I’ll try to get to six months or a year of tracking everything I manage to use up. I’m really curious how many ounces or even pounds of products I use up in a year. What I have listed above is stuff I’ve been trying to use up…I didn’t start on any of these products in the month of October, but I was able to get to the bottom of the product in October. 

TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti Plus Dotes Shampoo and Conditioner, 6.76 oz. each.
This is one of my all time favorite combinations to wash my hair with, because of the way it makes my hair feel. It’s especially wonderful in the winter months or the change in seasons. The smell is slightly fruity with a hint of plastic. Not in love with the scent, but I do love the way it makes my hair feel.

Is this a repurchase? Not right now. I have too many things to review before Christmas. But I do intend to purchase this again in the future!

Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser, 4.06 oz
This is probably one of the best oil-free eye makeup removers I’ve ever used. The bottle is over 4 oz, and is HUGE. It took me forever to get through this. Just a couple pumps on a cotton ball will remove anything you put on your eyelids, including waterproof mascara. Immediately after using this, my eye area feels really soft and hydrated, almost like I just applied some eye cream. With extended use, I think this actually made my lashes grow a bit longer because I wasn’t tugging at my lashes to remove the makeup. Talika’s line is known for and formulated to help with lash growth.

Is this a repurchase? Although I really liked using it, no. Even with a reduced price on Amazon, I think I can find something comparable for far less than $15

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2, 13.4 oz
This is my favorite facial toner. Over the years I’ve found if I stop using this for an extended period of time, I break out. No bueno. I use this every morning and night. Clarifying lotion 2 is my jam!

Is this a repurchase? Yes! I already have my new bottle waiting for me to use tonight! 

Clinique All About Eyes Cream, 0.5 oz
This is my all time favorite eye cream. The only eye cream that comes even remotely close to this in terms of texture, results, and quality is Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair eye, which is far more expensive than this and definitely out of my price range. All About Eyes is a little hard on the wallet too, but buying it during the gift-with-purchase time makes it easier, not to mention, it’s often IN the actual gift. This squeezy bottle that I used up was in the GWP.

Is this a repurchase? Yes! I already have a couple back up jars/tubes from GWP. 

Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, 3.4 oz
This is really effective for removing my eye makeup and pretty inexpensive too. I like that it has a squeezy top rather than just an open hole, so I can control how much comes out each time I use it. It takes a little more effort than my high end removers to get the waterproof mascara off, but I can overlook that for the price.

Is this a repurchase? No. I like Boots’ eye makeup remover a little better and it’s the same price. 

Laura Geller Brow Marker in Taupe, 0.0367 oz.
This is a brow marker with a tri tip applicator. It’s kind of fun to use and different than most of the brow products I have. I’m chucking this because I can’t tell if it’s running low or just lost its vibrancy over time. When I apply this, I’m not really coloring in my brows, I’m coloring in the skin underneath my brows. It looks very natural on me, but probably because it’s not really doing much or deepening my brow color. My brows are sparse, so I like to use something a little more pigmented to fill them in, bonus points if the product has some hold. This product does neither. I originally really liked it, but it was one of the first brow products I had ever tried and I didn’t know there were better products out there, especially for the pricepoint.

Is this a repurchase? No. I don’t like it and cheaper things I’ve found do a better job.

I’ve used up…34.9167 fl. oz this month!

Have you gone through any products lately? I feel like it takes me forever to get through a product, so I’m pleased to be chucking things that are finally empty!

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