Beauty For Real: Miracle Mascara

Review: Beauty for Real Miracle Mascara, $23
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Company Product Description: This daily miracle is a creamy, long wearing formula that is resistant to oil, sweat and tears, yet comes off easily. Wear it with confidence to the beach, during a work out or in the rain. Go ahead, give yourself longer, thicker and stronger lashes. This miracle is for real.
Mascara lights up just like their lip glosses. There is a button on the top.
Magnifying mirror on one side of the packaging 
Hourglass shaped  brush
Although it’s definitely easier to apply in a well lit room with a bigger mirror, the light and mirror on the package will definitely work in a pinch. 

Jessica says: What I noticed most about this was the shape of the and the shiny gloss it left on my lashes after dry. The packaging is definitely sturdy and sleek. The shape of the brush is hour glass shaped. This allowed me to get really good length to my lashes. This lived up to the waterproof claim and was easy to get off with makeup remover. I also really like that they don’t test on animals. I was kind of having a deja vu moment as results I got were so similar to how my lashes look when I wear Eylure’s Naturalities, which are pictured below. Why not get the same natural false lash look with a mascara you will get many more uses out of?

Justina says:  I applied several coats and didn’t experience any clumping.  I loved the natural look this gave to my lashes.  I didn’t do any strenuous activity while wearing this but I definitely felt like it held up throughout the day during my normal daily routine.  The package says this won’t flake off on you during the day but can easily be rinsed off with warm water.  Both were true, so that made me happy!  Not having to scrub at my lashes with eye makeup remover is always a plus.  This performed just as well as many of my other high end mascaras.

All in all, we really enjoy Beauty For Real’s products.  We loved their fall line and we are loving the mascara.  If you haven’t checked out this company yet, you should!  Their packaging all has mirrors on the side and most of their products have a button that enables them to light up for easy application anywhere.  We find their products to be high quality and high on the fun factor (who doesn’t love light up cosmetics?)

Yours in Beauty,
Jessica & Justina

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