Beauty Box 5- December

When monthly beauty subscription plans became popular at first a few years ago, I was totally on board. I was a devoted subscriber to one of the more popular boxes for over a year, but what with all the beauty reviews I write on here, I eventually quit my boxes. Lately, I’ve been kind of itching to try a new monthly box. Beauty Box 5 is one that I hadn’t heard of until my dear friend at Intrubeauty told me about them! Of course I wanted to give them a shot!

This box was really fun to try, and I was pretty impressed. The contents of my box included a mini Cool, Cleanse & Hydrate shampoo and conditioner from Coolway, Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues, Be a Bombshell Cosmetics lipgloss in Taupeless, and Model Co. eyeliner in Black.

Truth be told, I have pretty dry skin, so the oil-absorbing facial tissues won’t get used by me. But really, that’s the fun of these boxes! They’re pretty unpredictable, and that’s part of the fun. I actually have a whole drawer in my vanity dedicated to products I know I’ll never use because they’re not for my skin type, the wrong color, etc. I gift them at the holidays, mail them to friends to brighten their day, or give them to my friends’ daughters. I’m like a cool aunt! Little freebies that I’ll never use ensure I keep my cool aunt status, so they’re alright with me.

I really loved that the eyeliner and lip gloss were both full size and gorgeous. I can always use another black eyeliner…especially one with a sharpener in the lid! I can also always use another lipgloss in a neutral shade for my purse. I love touching up and not having to look in the mirror to do so, and this is the perfect shade for it. Taupeless is kind of a sheer nude-apricot shade and I totally love it!

Model Co. Black eyeliner and Be A Bombshell lipgloss in Taupeless.

Beauty Box 5 is $12 a month, which is pretty comparable to the other competitors out there for monthly boxes. I really liked that all the items were beauty related- hair products and makeup are awesome! I know a big gripe with some of the other subscription plans is when you get a granola bar or free music download. People want the beauty stuff! This is a pretty good value, especially considering that two of the items were full size.
Subscribing to a monthly box is a great idea for everyone, and I highly recommend trying a monthly service like Beauty Box 5 for at least a year. If you’re new to makeup, it’s a great way to sample items and get a feel for what you like and build a makeup collection at a small monthly cost. If you’re a makeup veteran, you know how exciting it is to get a new lip gloss or eyeshadow in the mail, and this could be just the pick me up you need!
The list of companies Beauty Box 5 works with is long, but not quite as extensive as other boxes, so hopefully they continue to forge relationships with new companies and we keep seeing great brands with Beauty Box 5. For $12/month I really think this is something you should look into! It was just the perk I needed in the mail last week, and I have already used almost everything they sent me!
Have you ever tried Beauty Box 5? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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