Battle of the Liquid Eyeliners- Lancome vs. L’Oreal

Recently, I got lost in the land of YouTube, and stumbled upon a video by MakeupbyTiffanyD where she talks about discovering an awesome new liquid liner- L’Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense.  I immediately went to the the drugstore to check it out since the one I currently use is Lancome Artliner and retails at $29.50.  I am more than happy to check out a similar product by essentially the same company (L’Oreal owns Lancome) for less than a third of the price!  After purchasing it, using it for days and loving it, and comparing the two, I have made many observations on both of these products and want to share them with you.

Oh and BTW- If you are looking for the L’Oreal one in the drugstore I think the one I purchased is in the “older” black packaging- the one in gold has the same exact name, I think it’s just newer packaging.

L’Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
Lancome Precision Point Artliner

As you can see, they appear to be just about the same size.  L’Oreal’s is actually 0.05 fl oz. and Lancome’s is 0.04 fl oz.
As you can see they draw the same width of line and when you build up the color it dries to about the same sheen.  Both claim to be a matte formula.  Neither dries to a shiny lustre and they are both highly pigmented.

I see literally no difference in the sponge tip applicators.  Both have a very small tip on the top if you want to get the very thinnest of lines, and widen to a thicker base, so you can manipulate the sponge to get a thicker line if necessary.  If anything the L’Oreal tip seems a little sturdier than the Lancome tip, although I’ve had the Lancome one for a couple months now so that could be why that tip seems a little wobblier- just more wear.  They both perform identically from what I can tell.

Neither formula is water proof but both claim to be long wearing.  I swiped a cotton ball soaked in just water across my swatched hand just one time and this is what happened.  I didn’t notice one formula staying any longer than the other.

Other similarities:

– Both claim to be long wearing.  L’Oreal claims all day wear up to 8 hours.  Lancome simply says “long wearing.”  I think they both last around the same amount of time.  After an 8 hour work day even my high end makeup is a little bit faded and would need a touch up to stay fresh if I wanted to go out at night.
– Both have almost identical ingredients.  I checked them against each other and there are only about 4-5 ingredients out of 20 or so ingredients that aren’t exactly the same.  I’m not too sharp on my scientific names so I couldn’t really tell you what that means.

– Lancome’s Artliner is $29.50 for 0.04 fl oz, and L’Oreal’s Carbon Black Lineur Intense is around $7.99 (give or take depending on where you shop and if you have a coupon) for 0.05 fl oz.

– Both are fast drying although L’Oreal’s formula dried a bit quicker.  Lancome’s took around 30 seconds before I was certain it was completely dry.

The verdict?

I brought in my expert, my husband, to try and distinguish which one was cheaper and which one was high end.  As always, he guessed it correctly!  He claims that when you’re up close and personal you can tell that Lancome dries a bit more matte, and L’Oreal has just a bit of glimmer.  Of course he could only tell on the really thick patches that I drew.  However, I asked him which formula he thought I had been wearing for the last 8 hours and he guessed high end- but I was wearing L’Oreal. So I am proof that even if they happen to swatch slightly more/less matte that even after a long day you will get the same look and it will be long wearing.

Personally, what I have always loved about Lancome’s formula that has kept me coming back and purchasing it is how fool proof the liner tip is.  It is truly the perfect foam tip applicator and is shaped in a way that I feel a newbie can easily handle and a pro can easily handle.  I love that the way it is is shaped I can get a thin or a thick line depending on how I hold it.  Now that I’ve found a formula that has the exact same foam tip, I no longer feel the need to spend $29.50 on the one that I’ve been using all this time.  I truly do like them both the same!

If I am trying to get a free GWP at Lancome and truly can’t find anything else that strikes my fancy, I would consider repurchasing Lancome’s Artliner, but otherwise I am pretty smitten with my new L’Oreal find.  No use in spending all that extra cash on a high end purchase when the low end works just as well! What do you think?  Have any of our readers tried either of these liners?

Here is an example of some more similar Lancome and Loreal products. The top product is the new Lancome Infinite 24 hour shadow called “Magnetic Teal” which is a mix between a loose pigment which can be pressed together and a cream shadow. The bottom left is a Loreal Infallible shade “Blue Curaco” which has the exact consistency, texture, packaging and design as the “Lancome Magnetic Teal”. The bottom right is a regular Lancome shade “Officially In” which is near identical to the Loreal infallible “Magnetic Teal”.

Yours in Beauty,

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  1. 9.28.12
    Jeannie said:

    I can’t tell the difference between the two eyeliners, this is awesome.

  2. 7.10.14

    Thanks for sharing your dupes! I’m learning more about drugstore brands every day 🙂

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