Bath Bar’s bon bini- a Delicious Treat for Pregnant Ladies

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This pregnancy has been so similar from my first pregnancy, yet so different. I am experiencing similar symptoms this go around: no real morning sickness, lots of food cravings, complete exhaustion, and swollen feet and hands. The difference is that I am not really worrying about anything this time, including stretch marks. With Jocelyn, I didn’t get a single stretch mark until I was around 8 months along, and then they sprouted up everywhere. I applied stretch mark cream daily when I was pregnant with her, and this time around I haven’t applied a cream or lotion my whole pregnancy, and I am 5.5 months along! I figure why worry about it when the damage is already done?

When I got these Bath Bar products in the mail to try, it struck me that I couldn’t remember the last time I had an amazing shower experience. I use shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and shave and then hop out. I truly haven’t pampered myself in way too long, but let me tell you, it was a long time coming and I’m so glad I broke my dry spell with Bath Bar’s Bon Bini. Talk about the most delicious scent ever!

I couldn’t quite place what the scent was at first because it smells like something I would eat, but also slightly flowery. It’s actually a mix of coconut and tropical flowers. It totally reminds me of Hawaii, even though I’ve never been there! It reminds me of what I dream of when I think of a tropical vacation.

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The Organic Sugar Daddy Body Scrub is pretty fabulous and I can’t get enough of it. It contains organic cane sugar to lift away dead cells, shea and coconut butter for moisture, honey to replenish skin, grapeseed oil and Vitamin E for their antioxidants, Agave Americana to renew skin, and lastly calendula and hibiscus for extra nourishment. You get 8 oz. for $30.50. It will set you back but it is truly heavenly to use. I think it contains just enough scrub to exfoliate me but not too much that it’s harsh. I can’t decide whether I want to dive right in and use it every single day or siphon it out so it lasts forever. So far, I’ve been using it on my belly and my chest to keep my skin there extra soft, and also my feet.

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The Be Free Body Wash and Aloe Bout You Body Balm are also in the Bon Bini fragrance. Oh how I wish these were in the 8 oz. size too! You can get both of these in the 1 oz. sample size to try for $6.50. We already know the scent is great, but the formula is also amazing. Be Free Body Wash has been my go to for shaving my legs this week and leaves them feeling soft and amazing. The Aloe Bout You Body Balm I’ve been applying everywhere after my showers, concentrating mostly on my growing belly. I’ve definitely noticed softer and smoother skin since using it.

Beyond the scrub, body wash, and body balm, I’ve also tried the Moisturize Me mist in this scent before, and I can tell you it’s to die for. It’s the only body spray I’ve ever used that actually softens my skin to the touch when I spray it. It’s not overwhelming at all because the scent is so soft but it really makes my skin feel great.

These products aren’t specially formulated for pregnant women, but being a preggo myself, I figured I should tell fellow preggos how spectacular these products are. They are perfect for everyone, but these products make me feel especially pampered at this special time in my life. You can shop the Bon Bini fragrance here. While you’re on their website, be sure to check out some of the other scents they have too. Another I’ve tried and loved is Zen Milk, but Pom Star (pomegranate tea and amaretto) and Comela (musk, sandalwood and spice, touch of chocolate) both sound like fragrances I will need to check out in the future. Yum!

Have you heard of Bath Bar? Check ’em out!


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  1. 5.15.14

    this stuff sounds really nice! I wish i woulda known about it when i was last pregnant!

  2. 5.15.14
    Amber said:

    That looks amazing, and I love the scent description!

  3. 5.15.14
    Heather said:

    Whoa this just sounds amazing and luxurious!

  4. 5.15.14

    These sound amazing, especially the sugar scrub, although I feel like I’d just want to eat it up! Ha!

  5. 5.15.14
    Chelsea said:

    I LOVE coconut so I think I’d love these! Also their packaging is sooo pretty. I totally pick things based on their packaging, haha. I’ve been looking for a good scrub so I may check this one out!

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