Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

I was cruising around online the other day when I discovered the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow palette. I was drawn to it immediately as a palette that had the perfect marriage of neutrals and purple/berry tones. Purple is my favorite color and berry tones look best on my fair skin and brunette hair so I knew this was going to be the palette of my dreams. I am so glad I picked it up and today I’d like to share it with you!

ABH Modern Renaissance paletteThis palette is so gorgeous! It contains 14 shades in a variety of finishes that are so complementary to each other. The shadows are Tempera (beige with an ultra-matte finish), Golden Ochre (earthly yellow with an ultra-matte finish), Vermeer (iridescent shell with a metallic finish), Buon Fresco (antique lavender with an ultra-matte finish), Antique Bronze (metallic sable with a satin finish), Love Letter (raspberry with an ultra-matte finish), Cyprus Umber (dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish), Raw Sienna (neutral amber with an ultra-matte finish), Burnt Orange (deep orange with an ultra-matte finish), Primavera (shimmery gold with an ultra-matte finish), Red Ochre (sienna with an ultra-matte finish), Venetian Red (crimson with an ultra-matte finish), Warm Taupe (earthy gray with an ultra-matte finish), Realgar (brick with an ultra-matte finish). The palette also comes with a double-ended shadow brush. 

Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette 1Besides loving berries and neutrals I wanted this palette because it was very cohesive. I am often drawn to a palette because the display of colors is striking to me in some way. Maybe there are one or two colors that are grouped in such a way that they really pop and it draws my eye in. In this case, I love that there are a good mix of satins, mattes, and metallics and they all look beautiful together. I have found that I am even loving some of the orange-reds in the mix, which are so complementary to the berries and neutrals. You can wear them in a way that does not come across as over-dramatic, just really beautiful!

Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette 2The formula here is so pigmented and the shades blend really well, They are creamy, don’t have fallout, and so beautiful. Like I mentioned earlier, there are no oddball shades in the bunch so I really do see myself using the whole palette. It is easy to create neutral daytime looks and smoky/dramatic nighttime looks with this palette. You can really take it anywhere! This has quickly become a favorite palette of mine and at $42 it’s a couple bucks cheaper than a lot of the other palettes I own. My only gripe is that I don’t love the cardboard packaging. I wish it was something a bit more substantial. But other than that small detail this is the palette of my dreams!

Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette 1ABH Renaissance palette lookI’m loving Anastasia lately, and also reviewed their Glow Kit and Liquid Lipstick recently. Check out that post here!

Have you picked up Modern Renaissance yet? What do you think? 

*I bought the products mentioned myself. Affiliate links are in use. 

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  1. 6.14.16

    I have been dying to get my hands on this. I need to start using up what I have though. I might cave soon lol.

  2. 6.14.16

    Love the eye look you did!! What lipstick are you wearing? It goes with the look perfectly!

    • 6.14.16
      justina said:

      Tarte Lippie Lingerie in Pure I think!

  3. 6.14.16
    Phyrra said:

    This is a beautiful post!

  4. 6.14.16
    Phyrra said:

    This is a beautiful palette! I love the red tones.

  5. 6.14.16
    MarciaF said:

    One of my non brave friends bought this and has been raving about it too. I was afraid of all the red and orange shades in it. I need to see if I can find this in person.

  6. 6.14.16

    I love the eye look that you created. Unfortunately red shadows don’t look good on me.

  7. 6.14.16
    Chelsea said:

    So soooo pretty! I can’t decide if I should get this yet or not!

  8. 6.15.16
    Anastasia said:

    This palette looks amazing, and wow girl you nailed the look!

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